The Car Wash

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Sexy Short Story. When your sexy neighbour offers to wash your car are you going to refuse?

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She was wearing a pair of sexy, satin shorts and a white T-shirt. There were a couple of points pushing at the thin material that caught my attention as there was no bra holding them back.

The Donnington Chronicles – BDSM Fiction

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Celia Donnington is known as The Ice Maiden in her office. Watch her thaw as she enters a world of BDSM at Hardend House. When she does will she become Mistress or slave?

Warning: Contains scenes of sex, spankings, whippings and BDSM fiction

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“Having read The Bookshop a while back, I expected nothing less from Simone’s latest tale, and she did not disappoint! Just like The Bookshop, The Donnington Chronicles was full of strong heroines, snarky and hilarious snapbacks, heavy erotic scenes, and DRAMA!”

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