The Demon’s Lure

The Demon's Lure. Incubus supernatural sex story
The Incubus sends forth his disciple to lure in new conquests in this story of supernatural sex. Subscribe to my email list to read for free

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The Pending Tray – The Beginning

Office spanking story title photo

Two versions of the same office spanking story but featuring different characters and at different times.

The central character, Lucilia, features both stories but she plays different roles. The stories are set at different times in her relationship with Michelle. In between Lucilia and Michael have attended a BDSM party at a luxurious mansion and this story of this night was featured in the Naughty Invitations Anthology. Don’t worry dear reader, I am not going to leave you wondering what happens if you do not buy the book. All the stories are standalone and complete pieces of erotica

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The Pending Tray – After the Party

Office spanking story photo

The kinky lesbian spanking story heats up as two girls are bent over the desk pending punishment

Two stories with the same theme. The central character, Lucilia, features both stories but she plays different roles.

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The Iron Tongue of Midnight – Prologue

Erotic fairy story The Iron Tongue of Midnight by Simone Francis Prologue cover photo

A modern erotic fairy story by Simone Francis

Read the first four chapters of this adult erotic fairy story here

The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve

Lovers to bed; ’tis almost fairy time

William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Nights Dream


Rebecca dreamed, tossing and turning in the heat of the night, her dark hair flowing in waves across the white pillows. The sultriness of the air glistened on her pale skin as in her dreams, she saw legions of men, each with tantalising blue-veined hard flesh standing out before them. Her arms reached out, she wanted them, wanted to touch them, feel them inside her.

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