The Iron Tongue of Midnight – Chapter 3

by Simone Francis

Chapter 3 of an erotic bisexual fairy story

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Chapter 3

The next day Rebecca paced the cottage. The satellite broadband was annoyingly slow and the sun seemed intent on frying her as soon as she stepped outside. Despite wearing a thin cream dress that plunged in a wide-open vee between her breasts and was held in place by the thinnest of straps sweat still ran off her in small rivulets. The heat began to fade a little as evening approached and she decided that a walk as far as the wood might cool her frustration and help her to stop fidgeting over the memory of that damned dream.

The air felt heavy and humid on her skin as she walked slowly down the lane and across the bridge to the edge of the trees and looked into the cool, dark, interior of the wood. It looked as if had stood there, brooding and silent forever. The gnarled trunks of the three-hundred-year-old oaks rose up to great arching canopies of branches that mixed with those of Beech and Hornbeam to meet overhead like the vaulted roof of a cathedral. Where patches of dappled sunlight penetrated to the ground the woodland floor was green with the growth of grasses and ferns. Here and there large boulders cloaked in the browns and greens of mosses lay amongst the trees whilst fallen giants created jagged horizontal lines between their still thriving neighbours.

At the edge of the wood where there was more light the undergrowth between the trunks was a chaos of intertwined spiky brambles their stems looping around each other like barbed wire as if determined to bar the path of all but the bravest into the tranquil interior.

Rebecca gasped. Deep in amongst the trees and spot lit by a shaft of sunlight stood a tall, elegant woman. Her back was turned to Rebecca and her long blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders to her waist like a sparkling waterfall. At first, Rebecca thought she was naked but then she made out an almost transparent, silvery, garment that billowed around the curves of her body as if caught by a non-existent breeze. One moment it seemed to completely surround her like a mist and the next it parted to reveal long elegant limbs. Slowly the apparition turned towards Rebecca and smiled.

Rebecca was transfixed then, as if to break the spell, a blackbird flew screeching across the track startling her and catching her attention for a second. When she looked back the vision had vanished.
‘Christ,’ she said out loud, ‘I’m seeing faeries.’

Without thinking she started into the wood towards the patch of sunlight. The barrier of thick undergrowth tore at her thin dress and scratched her legs but once she was past the outer wall progress became a little easier, although she still had to look down to part the low brambles and tread carefully to avoid patches of nettles. When she looked up the patch of sunlight where she was sure the woman had been seemed to have advanced in front of her like the end of a rainbow.

Just as she was about to give up Rebecca caught a glimpse of the figure again between two holly trees. She was standing facing her in the centre of a small ruin still further into the wood; her arms and face raised Venus like to the sun as if basking in the last of the dappled light that filtered through the overhanging trees.

Moss and lichen covered the rough stones of the broken down walls of what appeared to once have been a building as if the wood was slowly reclaiming them and making it almost impossible to tell where the greenery ended and the ruin began. At the furthest end, the grey stones reached up like the forefingers of two ancient hands brought to a point in an archway that framed the statuesque vision.

Rebecca was entranced, as the strange garment flowed around the girl’s body she could see flashes of creamy white skin as smooth as alabaster. The misty material parted for a second to reveal the curves of small, rounded, breasts surmounted by the delicate, rose pink, points that stood out proudly with the firmness of youth. The curves of her body narrowed to a slender waist before sweeping over her hips to blend into long graceful legs. The whole effect reminded Rebecca of a Pre-Raphaelite painting.

Cautiously she tried to edge closer, but in order to move quietly, she found she had to look down to see where she put her feet. When she looked up again the woman had vanished. Rebecca cursed under her breath and blundered forward, ignoring the holly leaves and a bramble’s thorns that tore at her legs. When she reached the spot where the girl had stood she looked around.

The stones seemed to be the remains of a small chapel that was hemmed in by the surrounding bushes and trees and there was no obvious pathway in or out. The walls had collapsed down to below waist height and the only part that still stood was the archway. Rebecca cautiously peered around the stone columns to check if the girl was hiding there but there was no sign of her. Beyond the arch, the wood was thick with entwined trees and she could see no track leading away.

She turned back into the chapel, the ground between the walls was carpeted with luxuriant, soft grass that had grown up over small mounds of earth where the floor seemed to have been removed. There was no clue as to why the chapel had been there except for a single stone set into the centre of what would have been the floor and seemed to have been carved into the shape of a book. It looked like it might mark a grave but was so shrouded in moss that she was unable to see if there was an inscription. At the opposite end to the archway and at right angles to it was what looked like a stone altar that rose up to waist height.

The scratches on her legs began to tingle and she sat down on the soft grass and picked out a couple of thorns that had caught in her skin. Confused she looked up at the canopy above her as if expecting to see the girl floating overhead. The leaves danced hypnotically in the last rays of the summer sun and she lay back on the grass.

The image of the enchanting female figure seemed to fill her mind and almost drift in the air in front of her. Not for the first time, she felt desire for a member of her own sex but this time the feeling seemed to overwhelm her. The humid air felt heavy on her eyelids and, as they closed, she let her hand slip beneath the hem of her dress. Dreamily she ran her fingers up the soft skin of her inner thigh until they touched the thin triangle of material that barely covered her pubis.

The satin material felt damp to the touch as she imagined the silky feel of the soft skin of a woman’s body against hers. In her daydream full, hard, nipples brushed against her own and she could even smell her lover’s scent which reminded her of delicious blackberries and strawberries.

Her fantasy intensified as her nipples swelled to the caress of a tongue as it circled her breasts before brushing lightly over the aching buds and then a warm mouth enveloped each one in turn, sucking gently at first and then biting down with increasing ferocity.

Rebecca started and opened her eyes; the wood was quiet, as if holding its breath. She was surprised to feel that she had pushed her underwear to one side and had two fingers pushed into her sex. For a moment her instinct was to get up and go back to the cottage but the sensation was so captivating that she allowed herself to drift back into her fantasy.

Now her lover’s tongue was gliding down over her flat stomach, gentle fingers caressing the soft insides of her thighs and warm breath on her outer lips before the fingers gently parted them to replace her own. She moved her legs further apart, submitting to the intimate touch. She could hear her breath starting to come in short gasps as she became aroused.

The first touch of the girl’s tongue was ecstasy, it probed inside her and she let out a low moan that seemed to echo off the stones and pushed her hips forward, but her fantasy lover was enjoying teasing her; each time she thrust forward her lover withdrew to run her tongue around the pouting, outer lips. Just as Rebecca thought she could stand it no longer the tongue would flick back inside her like a snake tasting the hidden delights within. Her climax started to build to a crescendo as she felt the tongue seek out the aroused pink bud at the apex of her sex, teasing it almost to bursting, before pushing back into the inner folds. She was so aroused now that she longed for deeper penetration, she wanted to be eaten, swallowed whole, her entire being was centred on her lover’s mouth welded to her.

Just as her orgasm began to carry her along on peaks of exquisite pleasure Rebecca felt something hard pushing against the lips of her sex. She was so abandoned that it immediately slid deep into her in one lithe movement. She sensed the hardness against her inner muscles and thrust her hips forward with an ever-increasing rhythm trying to completely enfold the object. She did not care who or what it was, she was riding waves of desire from the penetration. Her lover returned her attentions to Rebecca’s clitoris, teasing the flesh with her teeth and tongue before biting harder to release spasms of pleasure and pain.

Rebecca thought she could take no more until she felt something else pushing against the bud of her behind which was now slippery with the secretions escaping from her ravished sex. A second, smaller, more delicate, shaft slid into her, matching the thrusts of the larger one exactly. Rebecca bucked and moaned as she abandoned herself completely to the intense sensations of her orgasms until she cried out in a final, shattering, spasm of euphoria.

Totally exhausted and only vaguely aware of the sounds of the wood around her she surrendered to the blackness that engulfed her as she felt herself sinking deeper and deeper into the soft grass, almost as if the earth was enfolding her and bearing her down.

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The Iron Tongue of Midnight

An Adult Erotic Fairy Tale

Rebecca Mason is queen of her empire; she uses men and then discards the husks. No one is going to turn her into a whining sub. Then she meets two men she desires; the problem is one is cool and distant, and the other is not human.

Warning: This novel features some quite graphic sex scenes, some of which include fetishes. These scenes are all consensual and integral to the plot.

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