The Instructions

Can I be your sexual submissive? The response

Author, Dianne Herbert wrote a piece on Medium Can I be your sexual submissive? She asked for tasks to perform as a submissive beyond the usual ‘Get her flat on her back on the floor and fuck her brains out’.

Now, I know Dianne’s alter ego, Dirty Dianne is quite turned on by getting literally dirty, public nudity and submission. These are my instructions to her based on her initial article and her stories so far.

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You will be given an address. It is a large secluded house. The front door will be unlocked and as soon as you are over the threshold you will close the door and stop.

On the table to your right will be a blindfold, a headset and a hood. You will place these on your head and strip, discarding your clothes on the floor.

You will receive instructions via the headset which will guide you down to the cellar. There you will be tied in a star with your arms and legs outstretched.

Wearing the blindfold, hood and headset you will be able to see and hear nothing.

At some point guests will enter – there may be one, five, ten or twenty – you will not know. They may be men, women or a mix of both.

The ropes restraining you will pass through rings on the ceiling and floor. The guests will be able to manipulate you into any position they desire like a puppet.

As they manipulate you they will be invited to pelt you or smear you with whatever is to at hand (and there will be a lot). They may choose to whip you, spank you or fuck you at any time either in your dirty state or use a cold water hose on you to clean the area of their choice.

You will be deprived of all external sensation apart from your sense of smell and the sensations of what is happening to your body.

The sounds you hear via the headset may be direct from the room or they may be pre-recorded. You will have no idea or warning of what is about to happen or even if there is anyone present.

When you are released you are not to remove the hood and will wait until you hear instructions that will guide you back out of the front door. Only then will you be allowed to remove the hood, blindfold and headset.

I have to give credit to Zantanna Dark for inspiring the sensory deprivation bondage mentioned in the instructions. Read my review of her book Final Bondage Therapy.

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