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Some of you may have noticed that a lot of the erotic stock photos I use to illustrate this site and my Medium stories are fairly exclusive. This is because they are supplied by a photographer who used to shoot covers for the erotic and fetish paperback market and has a library of unused photos. He is now making these available online other authors. He does charge for the images but the fee for online use is modest.

I’ll let him explain.

I am a professional editorial photographer with forty years experience in the erotica publishing industry. My photos have appeared on the covers of hundreds of paperbacks and eBooks. My credits also include Penthouse, Fantasy Magazines and numerous websites.

The images in my latest catalogue are designed to illustrate your erotic stories on your website and/or on sites such as Medium. They can also be used on eBook covers.

To keep things simple the licence is for online use and is not exclusive (which keeps the cost really low). This means you cannot use them on printed book covers, print products like T-shirts, mugs etc. or resell them to someone else to use. Read on for more exclusive rights.

The images currently in the catalogue can be paid for by a secure, third party server and downloaded immediately

All the photos are supplied 2000 pixels on the longest side. Horizontal pictures have been left a little wider than optimum to allow the user to finalise cropping. All the photos are created by me, model released and all the models were over 18 at the time of photography. I hold a copy of the photo ID provided as proof.

They are generally safe for use on websites (no nipples or pubes showing) but, be warned some have a little too much flesh showing for the big online retailers to use on eBook covers. Read Keep Your Knickers On by Simone Francis for more help. Contact me if you need naughtier images for your website or higher resolution pictures.

Fed up with seeing the same images illustrating other authors’ stories?

If an image has not already been sold you can buy exclusive rights for between 1-6 months. Obviously, this costs a little more so contact me for details as I may need to remove similar images from sale as well.

I can also shoot custom illustrations. The cost of these varies depending on the image required, number of models, delivery date and specifications. It could be very cost effective if your request can be incorporated into an existing shoot and quite expensive if it is more specific.

For example: A request for a photo of girl in lingerie working on a computer in a domestic setting, exclusive use for 6 months, for publication within the next 2-3 weeks, may cost £20-£30. A request for a red haired girl in pink lingerie working on a Macbook in a modern flat whilst her boyfriend looks on would cost several hundred pounds. Add in exclusive worldwide rights forever and a deadline of the day after tomorrow and you should expect a lot more.

Speculative Shoots

You can also request speculative shoots. Let’s say you need a picture of a girl in lacy underwear rolling dice. I can incorporate that into my next scheduled shoot and give you an exclusive preview of the pictures. If you like them you can buy them at the standard or exclusive rates.

Contact me with requests and I’ll let you know whether it is doable and when the next shoot is (this may be tomorrow or in a couple of weeks time so it pays to think ahead).

Photoshop Work

I can also drop an existing picture onto a new background. To look realistic the lighting needs to match so I am happy to advise. I only do this with my own photographs of models. Any background used must be from my collection or from an identifiable stock library with the appropriate licence.

I have also been know to change the colour of clothing, colourize black and white photos, and add clothing to pictures – sorry I cannot remove it>

Get in touch – I am happy to offer advice where I can and let you know what is feasible within your budget.

Photo of bride in see through dress illustrating erotic paranormal short fiction story
Photo of bride in see through dress illustrating erotic paranormal short fiction story

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