Books by Simone Francis

I write historical, supernatural and fetish erotica. You’ll find that books by Simone Francis might be a racy thriller or an adult fairy tale or but they will always feature hot, graphically described sex, BDSM and a twist that keeps you guessing.

The Bookshop

It is difficult being a bisexual heroine in Edwardian London, especially when your enemies, and your friends are masters of BDSM. What will Amelia Slone endure to rescue her kidnapped friend? Read more…

Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

A wild and adventurous ride!

If you like a bit of history with your erotica, this book is for you. I would highly recommend.

The Donnington Chronicles

BDSM fiction

A BDSM romp set in the 1980s. After a lesbian office affair with her secretary, Celia Donnington finds herself confined at the mysterious Hardend House. If she survives will she be a mistress or slave? Read more…

The Donnington Chronicles was full of strong heroines, snarky and hilarious snapbacks, heavy erotic scenes, and DRAMA!

Whether the 1980s is history to you or the best time you ever had The Donnington Chronicles will take you on a wild ride.

The Iron Tongue of Midnight

Adult erotic fairy tale by Simone Francis book cover

Rebecca Mason is queen of her empire; she uses men, fucks them, and then discards the husks. No one is going to turn her into a whining sub. Then she meets two men she desires; the problem is one is cool and distant, and the other isn’t human. Read more…

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