How To Write Believable Erotica

Writing believable erotica illustration

It might be erotic but is your reader going to believe it? Writing believable erotica should be easy but as writers of erotica, we find ourselves placing characters in evermore kinky or outlandish situations, adding more partners and taking our readers into a fantasy world. But to create that illusion the story needs to be … Read more

Writing About the Smells and Sounds of Sex

Writing about the smells and sounds of sex illustration

Why do writers often ignore these senses? In her article, The Basics of Writing Toe Curling, Clit Tingling, and Dick Throbbing Erotica on Medium Sonja Rae advised writers to concentrate on smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing when writing about sex. That’s good advice when writing about almost anything. I read a lot, but so … Read more

Sex, Strawberries and Cream

Writing about sex. Title photo

Writing about just sex is like eating the cream without the strawberries

Writing about sex, I recently ran a poll on Twitter asking this question: In my stories and books I try to weave graphic sex into a plot. Some erotica writers go straight for the sex in paragraph one. Which do you prefer?

The results and the comments were interesting:

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Erotic Stock Photos

Erotic stock photos for authors

Some of you may have noticed that a lot of the erotic stock photos I use to illustrate this site and my Medium stories are fairly exclusive. This is because they are supplied by a photographer who used to shoot covers for the erotic and fetish paperback market and has a library of unused photos. He is now making these available online other authors. He does charge for the images but the fee for online use is modest.

I’ll let him explain.

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Sexy Demons Incubi and Succubae

Sexy demons incubi and succubi Photo illustration of an incubus preying on a naked woman

Welcome to my supernatural erotica, the darker side of my erotic fiction. 

Ghost, demons and succubae play with humans. Their sexual powers know no limits and their appetites are ravenous.

Erotic stories have been created about the incubus, the succubus, spirits and demons since language began. They help us explain a world that we still do not fully understand.

But what if these myths and stories are not just products of the human imagination but founded on truth? What if these beings still exist, now hidden deeper in our world, lurking, ready to prey on the unsuspecting modern humans?

And what they want is sex.

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