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Goldilocks – The Demons Feed

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This is the final episode in this re-released this dark sexy supernatural horror story. All episodes are free to read here or on my Substack.

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Oops. Firstly an apology – I concluded the Goldilocks series but forgot to add this epilogue.

Secondly, a warning. We are now in a world of dark horror and revenge; as you can tell from the title, it is not going to end well for some of the characters.

Sophie is transformed. Now she must feed and take her revenge.

Sophie’s ex, Jason, appears very briefly in Episode 1 Goldilocks Ensnared Now Sophie in her new form is going to extract her revenge.

Goldilocks – The Demons Feed

Sophie glimpses the couple through the trees. She watches as they walk off away from the path.

“I need a pee,” the girl says and disappears into the bushes.

Sophie steps out into the clearing. “Jason, you came looking for me. How nice.”

“What? Sophie, what the fuck are you doing here?”

Ignoring the question, Sophie moves in closer and kisses him, her hand sliding down over his crotch.
The kiss deepens and Sophie tugs the belt of his jeans loose and slides her hand inside.

“Soph, what are you doing,” Jason tries to push her away. “Stacey’s here as well. She’s just having a piss.”

Sophie smiles. “You mean the bitch I caught you with might catch me doing this,” she says as she slithers down his body onto her knees. Her fingers rip at his boxer shorts and his half-erect cock stands out. She envelopes it in her mouth and the shaft instantly hardens.

She enthusiastically bobs her head back and forth and sucks. He tastes like perfectly cooked meat, there is a flavour of juicy steak with a hint of mustard to him.

“Jesus Christ Soph, what are you doing? Oh God, you’re different, you’ve never…”

She can feel him swelling. Tastes the first drops of his emission adding salt to her meal. Then he explodes. She swallows him down but her mouth still clings to his hard flesh. His life force is draining from him, flowing into her, feeding her.

“Oh god, Soph, you can stop now.”

But she pulls him to her.

“Please stop now.”
“Jason, what the fuck is going on?”

She hears Stacey’s voice from the edge of the clearing.

Jason collapses down onto the ground like a deflating doll, his body twitching in its last spasms of life. She senses Stacey step closer, feels her fingers grabbing at her hair. Still crouching, Sophie turns on Stacey and growls like a wild animal. Her tongue extends and swells as she feels herself morph.

“What the fuck?” Stacey screams. She looks down at Jason and then back at Sophie, mouth open and eyes wide, frozen.

Sophie pounces, one hand lashes under Stacey’s skirt. her talons ripping at her knickers as she pushes her to the ground with the other. Stacey steps back and then falls, legs apart, her now naked slit exposed.

Sophie’s hands grip the soft white flesh of Stacey’s thighs pushing them further apart as if she was opening an oyster. Stacey tries to wriggle away but Sophie’s talons sink into her flesh holding her spread, ripe and exposed. Her head dips between Stacey’s legs and her tongue snakes into her.

The taste of is exquisite, sweet like apples and cinnamon and then sharp like a lemon squeezed as she struggles and her fear takes over. Sophie’s tongue swells like a male organ, filling the girl completely, pushing against every nerve until her life force flows down it. Sophie feeds greedily, sucking her dry.

When she senses her prey is no more than a husk she stands and reforms.

“Bitch,” she says as she turns and walks away.

Back at the house, Leana greets her with a kiss. “You have fed.”

“Yes,” Sophie lifts her dress and bends over the table. She feels his organ enter her, filling her with desire as she passes on some of the riches she has savoured to them.

See all episodes on the Contents Page

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