Supernatural Erotica Stories

Ghost, demons and succubae, their sexual powers know no limits and their appetites are ravenous.

Erotic stories have been created about the incubus, the succubus, spirits and demons since language began. They helped us explain a world that we did not and still do not fully understand.

What if these myths and stories are not just products of the human imagination but founded on truth? What if these beings still exist, now hidden deeper in our world, lurking, ready to prey on the unsuspecting modern humans?

And they feed off us.

Be Warned: The demons I write about have desires and lusts. They satisfy their appetites with no human social conventions to hold them back.

Stories of Demonic Sex. No more Virgins by Simone Francis

No More Virgins

He’s better endowed, better at sex than the village men. OK, so he’s a demon, but that’s not going to stop them.

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Supernatural Erotica

Sexy fairy tale

The Girl in the Green Dress

“No one is looking,”
I sense more than see the soft cleft of her sex gleaming between the inviting curves of flesh. “I am.”

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Supernatural Erotica Sexy Shorts

Release Me Erotic Ghost Story Photo Illustration

Release Me

Can ghosts really desire the living and is her seducer her dead husband’s lover?

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Supernatural Erotica Lesbian Bisexual

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A dark supernatural BDSM sex story The Devil inside is You by Simone Francis

The Devil Inside is You

 She submits to her demon knowing inside lurks a darker more masculine form.

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Supernatural Erotica

Ambushed by a succubus in this sexy urban fantasy


He is ambushed in this sexy urban fantasy “I want you to tear off my clothes and fuck me, fuck me hard.”

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Supernatural Erotica

Photo of bride in see through dress illustrating erotic paranormal short fiction story

The Bride Was A Picture

Dennis gets a surprise when he buys a painting of a beautiful bride. Just how much sex can he endure when ’til death us do part’ means never.

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Supernatural Erotica

The Demon's Lure. Incubus supernatural sex story

The Demon’s Lure

The incubus sends forth his acolyte

“He will like this one, well fed, large breasts, her behind swells into two ample globes like an exotic fruit waiting to be bitten into.”

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Supernatural Erotica

A story of supernatural sex with a demon But who possesses who?


Her lover satisfies her even though he could wipe her from the face of the earth.

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Supernatural Erotica

In the distant past, humans had respect for supernatural beings, avoided them or appeased them. Then we forgot them – but they are still out there.

My Master’s cock rips into me, it splits me, pushes apart the muscles of my sex. I feel him swelling inside me. I know she is watching. She cannot see him — yet. Cannot appreciate his size, his strength, his beauty.

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