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Goldilocks Tamed

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Sophie’s dream becomes a nightmare. Read this bisexual, supernatural sex horror story from the beginning. Goldilocks Ensnared

I am re-releasing this dark sexy supernatural story as a four part serial and then adding two more episodes. All episodes will be free to read here or on my Substack.

Sophie’s dream becomes a nightmare as she learns that the pain of submission can become pleasure.

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Part 5

Sophie spins around. The sight of the bullwhip lying coiled on the round plate makes her stomach tighten. Leana moves in a blur. She feels fingers tighten around her wrists and push her face against the wall.

“You chose to wear the collar, you let your desires overwhelm you,” a voice growls in her ear.

Sophie tries to look over her shoulder, eyes wide she sees that the hands holding her are thick, heavy and the skin is green.

“You are ours now,” the voice says.

The room behind them seems to spin and blur and the wall she is pressed against becomes harder and colder. Metal jangles against hard stone and something snaps shut around her wrists.

She feels the pressure of the body against her disappear. The metal manacles set deep into the wall bite into her skin as she tries to twist away. She gasps as her legs are spread and more rings snap shut around her ankles forcing her to stand, spreadeagled.

Her nipples rasp against the rough stone of the wall every time she moves and, twisting to look over her shoulder she can see nothing but darkness.

“I promised you pleasure,” Leana whispers close to her ear.

“You call this pleasure,” Sophie snaps back.

“Oh yes, you will soon learn that submission to the whip brings about heights of ecstasy that have no equal.”

“Fuck off.”

Slender female fingers are pressing between between her legs, pushing her lips apart and curling into her. Sophie writhes.

She is frightened, terrified even, this one, but she has spirit. I bring my fingers to my mouth and we taste her fear, savouring it like a fine vintage. When her anger flares it adds such piquant notes to the taste. In the dining room, she was succulent, energy giving. She will feed us for a long time providing I can prevent you from ripping her apart.

Soon she will need rest, time to recover so that we can milk her again but first, we will sample a little of the nectar she can give.

There is a hiss in the darkness and something wraps itself around the cheeks of Sophie’s behind. She opens her mouth to protest but the stinging pain surges through her and all she emits is a scream that echoes off the stone walls.

The fiery tongue lashes into her again.

“You bitch,” she squeals.

“You think she could do this,” the voice is deep and vibrates through Sophie’s mind. “She has set me free.”
The whip sings through the air and lands across the tops of her thighs. Her body snaps tight, every muscle spasming as if she has been electrocuted.

She screams again. Her whole body seems to fizz with a static charge. She grinds her nipples against the wall as if trying to escape the next strike but they push her back, as hard as the stone they pressed against.

The fiery tongue lashes across her cheeks again leaving a trail that seems to blaze up through her body. She feels as if an internal conflagration has been ignited. Her nipples burn and roaring flames creep between her legs. It is as if her very core is on fire.

A body presses close to hers, smooth and feminine. Palms brush her tortured skin and then fingers push between her legs and slip easily inside her. She is wet, liquid and she shudders at the touch but it is not revulsion; it is desire that fills her mind.

How can she be enjoying this? The pain, had it fired through her body and seeped into her core? She cannot concentrate, the fingers press hard against her bud. More fire seems to shoot through her, bringing her close to the threshold. She opens her mouth to groan and is amazed that there is no jet of flames pouring from her mouth. Her knees buckle and she hangs from the wrist manacles.

Someone is pushing her away from the wall, their head back against the stones, their mouth sucking greedily at her. Sophie writhes as the tongue pushes inside her and she feels the familiar swelling sensation. The lips clamp onto her bud and she grits her teeth and gasps a choking sigh. There is an explosion inside her that reverberates through her like the vibrations of a hammer on a brass bell and her world seems to fold in on her.

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