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Goldilocks Reborn

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Sophie’s nightmare fades as she is reborn. Read this lesbian, supernatural sex horror story from the beginning. Goldilocks Ensnared

I am re-releasing this dark sexy supernatural story as a four part serial and then adding two more episodes. All episodes will be free to read here or on my Substack.

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Part 6

Sophie wakes in a soft bed covered by crisp white sheets. She sits up and winces as the sheets slide from her breasts. Her behind throbs with a dull pain.

“Breakfast,” A strange creature almost half dwarf and half human waddles into the room carrying a tray.

Sophie snatches at the sheet, pulling it up to her chin.

“What?” she squeaks.

“Breakfast Miss,” the creature says placing the tray on a side table.

“What… who… are you.”

“I am the Master and Mistress’s servant, and this is your breakfast,” it says as if talking to a two-year-old. “Now you have accepted your position here you can see all members of the household.”

He turns and leaves, leaving Sophie still holding the sheet, her mouth open wide in disbelief.

The smell of coffee and pastries makes her stomach rumble. Should she eat it? Maybe the food last night had been drugged so all that happened was just some weird hallucinations. She wriggles in the bed. The stinging in her behind is real.

She swings her legs off the bed. In the corner of the room there is a full-length mirror. Still clutching the sheet in front of her she stands with her bottom facing it and twists to look over her shoulder. The glass is speckled with age but she can see several red stripes across her cheeks.

“Fuck,” she clutches her hands holding the sheet closer to her and feels something around her neck. Her fingers instinctively reach up and touch the tough leather. The collar, she is still wearing that damn collar.

Whatever they are going to do to her there seems little chance of escape so she might as well not be hungry. She lets the sheet drop and, sitting naked on the edge of the bed eats the pastries and drinks the coffee.

Looking around the room there is a simple chair with the black dress draped over it. A wash basin and jug with a neat pile of towels beside it stand on a dresser and underneath there is an old fashioned chamber pot. This and the coffee reminds her that she needs to pee. Still naked she squats over the pot.

She pauses in the middle of the room. Despite the food she still seems to feel a nagging hunger. A feeling like wanting the first cigarette of the day or maybe like an alcoholic craving their first drink.

In the absence of any other clothes, she slips on the dress and looks out of the window. Her room is level with the canopy of the trees and all she can see is a tangle of green leaves and branches that seem even darker and denser than they had the day before. She tries the door. To her surprise, it is unlocked.

Stepping into the corridor she listens. The house is silent much like when she first arrived. She tiptoes barefoot down the stairs and looks toward the front door. Will that be open as well? Have they finished with her?

Running down the hallway she grabs at the handle. It turns and she pulls the door open. Glancing over her shoulder fearing pursuit she steps outside. The collar tightens. She grabs at it and takes another step. It tightens more, pushing against her throat and making her gag. She steps back and the grip loosens.

“You have chosen to wear the collar,” a voice says behind her.

“I didn’t choose to be whipped, did I?” Sophie whirls around.

“Are you telling me that you did not enjoy the sensations?” Leana says. “I know you did, I tasted your lust for more.”

“You said I, not we.”

“Yes, we feed as one but whoever is dominant at the time tastes you.”

“Wait, what, you are feeding on me? You’re eating me alive?”

“Yes, we are feeding.” Leana looked down. “But only on your energy, on your emotions, and these are at their strongest when you are…” she paused. “Stimulated.”

“Will I die? Will you drain me like some bloody vampire?”

“I will not allow him to do that,” Leana says.

Sophie stops, there is a pain in her stomach. “Is that why I am so hungry.” She bends over.

“Did you not eat the breakfast? Leana asks.

“Yes, all of it. Have you poisoned me?” Sophie straightens up.

“No, quite the opposite, it was supposed to build up your strength, Leana says, leading her back into the house and up the stairs.

In the bedroom, Leana turns as kisses her. Gently, soulfully their tongues intertwine and then, with the ferocity of hunting predators, they tear at each other’s dresses, ripping the soft material off.

Leana’s lips lock around one of Sophie’s nipples and her tongue flicks across the engorged teat. Sophie wriggles free and her mouth descends onto Leana’s breast licking and sucking at the sensitive flesh before suckling at the nipple. Leana pushes Sophie back onto the bed and crouches between her splayed legs her tongue and lips working down her stomach in a trail of soft kisses until, finally her mouth envelopes her sex.

Her tongue parts her lips and pushes inside, but this time it remains human, it does not swell and fill her. Instead, it withdraws a little and licks around her swollen bud now standing out from its hood and fingers delve into her, curling as they search for her most sensitive spot as only a woman can.

Sophie writhes on the bed, her mouth wide and her muscles tensed lifting her from the white sheets. Leana draws back her mouth, her fingers deep inside Sophie and uses her thumb, pressing it hard against Sophie’s clit rotating it to push her over the edge of the precipice.

Slowly she sinks back onto the bed as if deflating and Leana reaches out and the collar clicks open. Leana stands at the bedside.

What are you doing if you release her she will run. She will flee our realm and we can no longer feed.

Taking it from around her neck Sophie places it gently on the bedside table. The room does not fade as it did before and Leana is still standing in front of her. Sophie swings her legs off the bed and drops to her knees, her face millimetres from the smooth mound of Leana’s pubis. She can smell the sweet, musky aroma. Her tongue flicks out and she can taste passion. Languidly she works it over the folds of flesh and pushes it inside. Tastes flood her senses.

Leana moans, her fingers grip Sophie’s hair pulling her closer as her hips writhe and buck against her. Sophie locks her lips around Leana’s bud and feels the power flowing into her as she grinds against her.
“Don’t take it all,” Leana manages to sigh as her body jolts and tenses.

“Then take some back,” Sophie lays back on the bed, her feet on the floor and her legs spread wide.
She watches as Leana begins to change. Her skin becomes greener, her hips become more muscular but her breasts and face remain human. Sophie feels the familiar cock sliding into her.

She gazes at Leana this time she has not completely metamorphosed into her male self. She still looks female but below her waist, sinking into her core Sophie can feel her male persona creating the familiar euphoric sensation as it both pulses into her pushing her over the brink and then sucks the life force from her.

She tastes different, it is a scent we have never experienced before. I know. It is a new emotion. She is in love. She has become one with us.

Sophie hears the voice and without speaking says, We need to hunt again. Now there are three of us to feed.

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