Final Bondage Therapy by Zantanna Dark

Final Bondage Therapy Zantanna Dark

Zantanna Dark writes in the first person with an immediacy that almost like reading a series of long texts from a friend. The story is punctuated with {SMACK!}s {WHACK!}s and “MMFPPFH”s which, when added to the sexy images generated in the reader’s mind, gives the written word the feel of a comic book. None of … Read more

Erotic Stock Photos

Erotic stock photos for authors

Some of you may have noticed that a lot of the erotic stock photos I use to illustrate this site and my Medium stories are fairly exclusive. This is because they are supplied by a photographer who used to shoot covers for the erotic and fetish paperback market and has a library of unused photos. He is now making these available online other authors. He does charge for the images but the fee for online use is modest.

I’ll let him explain.

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The Caning

The Caning An adult fetish story of BDSM and sexual practices

The first thwack lands and he marvels at the way her buttocks respond. A ripple of flesh speeds out from where the strap touches her. It is like dropping a stone into a pool of oil. She does not flinch or cry out. She knows the rules just as he does. He brings his arm back and the strop whispers through the air again, landing harder this time.

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