Dark Erotica A Girl Fantasises About Kinky Sex With Strangers

Earlier this year I wrote The Dark Passage It is a piece of dark erotica fiction about a girl whose boyfriend or master arranges for her to fulfil her submissive fantasy of being taken by a gang of strangers. Subscribe (it’s free) to read the full story on this site.

Some of this story owes its inspiration to the work of Dianne Herbert who puts her characters, sometimes herself, in scenarios where they end up running naked around the streets or in this story, the countryside. Dianne often plays on the threat of being caught and used. It is a great turn-on for her characters and the reader. Does she get caught? Read A Walk and Sex in the County on Medium

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But what if submitting to a stranger is all part of the character’s fantasy? Enter Millie.
Millie has fantasies of being kidnapped, used and abused. In another of her stories, yet to be published she is asked why she does it and replies, “Am I mad? Asking a complete stranger to abduct me, abuse me, no safe word, no get out clause. To my friends and probably the rest of society, yes, I probably am. What if they hurt me or even kill me? But then people climb mountains tied to ropes, sometimes they fall and die or are seriously injured, but others still do it. It’s the thrill, the adrenaline rush. These are my mountains.”

In A Dark Passage, she is barely in the foothills but is already having the ride of her life.

Gangbang fantasy fiction illustration

The Dark Passage

Millie’s dreams come true when she enters the dark passage.

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Millie’s adventures continue

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