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I am now of an age when a lot of people think I should not be thinking about sex let alone writing about it and doing it so Simone Francis is my alter ego, my pen name.

I have read a lot of books that are great stories, but the sex was glossed over. I have read a lot of books where the sex was graphically, sometimes beautifully, described, but the reason for it was flimsy or non-existent. As I developed as a writer I decided I wanted to write books that combined all of these; graphic sex, beautifully described, that happens within a great story.

You’ll find strong, sexy women who freely take lesbian and bisexual lovers in my stories. I love writing about the supernatural so often the lovers aren’t completely human.

There’s sex, lots of sex and it’s often kinky. My heroines are exploring, developing their sexuality and in some cases, quite literally, playing with their demons.

There is usually a twist in my stories, something that makes the reader go, Oh, I didn’t see that coming. Think, Tales of the Unexpected, but with sex.

Working with a photographer for many years, I met a lot of women who were very open about their sex lives. I also met a lot of people in the BDSM community and was fascinated by this lifestyle.

I listened to all their stories and much of what happens in my books and short stories is based on their real life experiences. I am forever grateful for their openness in sharing these with me.

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Books by Simone Francis

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Erotic fetish fiction by Simone Francis The Bookshop opens into an Edwardian underworld of sexual submission.
Bisexual spanking in Edwardian London

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Warning: Contains consensual spanking and bondage stories and photos Not office safe

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