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Welcome to the erotic, often kinky, world of Simone Francis

Hi, I’m Simone Francis and I write erotic, supernatural and fetish fiction My stories are based both in real life and the underworld of demons and spirits. They feature explicit sex scenes, spankings, whippings and other fetishes so if any of that offends you leave now, if not then read on.

All of my books and stories follow feisty, sexy, women
who only completely submit when the right man, woman or demon appears in their lives.

If you are looking for tales of horny demons or succubae who will suck you dry, tales of spanking bondage and submission or hot housewives and naughty neighbours check out my free stories.

  • Horny demons and succubae who will suck you dry.
  • Spanking, bondage and submission
  • Hot housewives and naughty neighbours

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On this site Try the Free Stuff First – Some of My Most Read Naughty & Erotic Fetish Fiction Short Stories

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  • The Bookshop – Caning the Maid
    Caning the maid is an excerpt from my first full length novel The Bookshop. It is a complete scene, not just a teaser, so won’t leave you hanging but hopefully you will want more. Warning: This story is about BDSM punishment and has an explicit lesbian sex scene. It’s 1908 and Amelia Slone is on the … Read more
  • No More Virgins
    Supernatural sex mixed with a little humour
  • The Caning
    The first thwack lands, She does not flinch or cry out. She knows the rules.
  • Riding Natasha
    “Are you going to ride me?” Natasha asks as she assumes the position. “I may well but first some training.”
  • The First Time
    A woman explores her deepest desires as the door to a new world opens.
  • The Girl in the Green Dress
    Sex in the woods with a beautiful girl is not all it seems in this erotic fairy tale
  • Kinky Lesbian office Spanking
    This content is password protected.
  • The Car Wash
    When your sexy neighbour offers to wash your car are you going to refuse?
  • Release Me
    Is Celia’s encounter real or a ghost from the past.

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Sex and the supernatural

Fetish and BDSM

Hot Housewives and naughty neighbours


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Books by Simone Francis

An adult fairy tale
Erotic fetish fiction The Donnington Chronicles by Simone Francis Spanking novel cover photo
Sex and BDSM in the 1980s
Erotic fetish fiction by Simone Francis The Bookshop opens into an Edwardian underworld of sexual submission.
Bisexual spanking in Edwardian London

More free BDSM and spanking stories on Secret Obsessions. 
plus lots of very naughty photos by Vasarian

Warning: Contains consensual spanking and bondage stories and photos Not office safe

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