E.A. Barker's The $1.99 Author

E.A. Barker’s The $1.99 Author

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Want to be an author? Read this book.

It will tell you what you are up against (and how to fight it).

Written in E.A.’s humorous style it tells you the publishing industry’s secrets; the ones you didn’t want to know. Does it tell you how to become an overnight success? No, it lays out some of the steps to take, the hard work involved, and the targets you should aim for. It also gives alternatives to publishing your book if you are not willing to do this; fish keeping and knitting are mentioned.

I gave this book 4 stars, why? The content is extensively researched and the humour keeps you smiling whilst you mind is picturing the mountain you have to climb as a new author. There’s a long section on the ills of social media (yes E.A. I agree totally, but let’s move on now). After that E.A provides you with the ropes, crampons and pitons to begin your ascent.

Bottom line: This book will repay the cost and time spent reading it ten times over. If it stops a new author falling for one of the scams it’s a hundred times.

When I wrote Marketing Your Book – A New Author’s Tale and Setting Up An Author E mail List , despite having a publisher, I was still marketing blindfolded. E.A Barker’s The $1.99 Author shows some of my conclusions were right but adds so much more.

I am now going to re-read several parts and make notes, just as soon as I’ve finished knitting the fish jumpers.

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If anyone’s interested in my star ratings. 1* 2* I don’t even bother to review. 3* Good but there were some bits I ‘just didn’t get’. 4* Really good, enjoyed it and/or informative. 5* Masterpiece. It’s going to sit on my bookshelf and I’m just going to look at it and hope I can write like that one day.

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