Mis-taken by Dianne Herbert

Miss-taken by Dianne Herbert cover picture

I like Dianne’s style of writing. She writes in the first person and always manages to place herself in some sexy and sometimes comic situations. She has declared in some of her articles and short stories that she is turned on by public nudity (hers) and that she has a submissive side that enjoys being told what to do, dominated, and used.

These are the general themes that run through Mis-Taken.

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Final Bondage Therapy by Zantanna Dark

Final Bondage Therapy Zantanna Dark

Zantanna Dark writes in the first person with an immediacy that almost like reading a series of long texts from a friend. The story is punctuated with {SMACK!}s {WHACK!}s and “MMFPPFH”s which, when added to the sexy images generated in the reader’s mind, gives the written word the feel of a comic book. None of … Read more

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