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Readers – Looking for authors who write about specific kinks?

Writers – Want to write erotica? Trying to work out how to publish and market your book?

I am adding resources to this page as I find them. There’s notes on their content and whether I have used them.

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Resources for Erotica Readers and Writers

B.B. Pierce Author writes an adults only blog on writing and reading erotica.

A collection of sexy writers and bloggers

Readers Resources

Read erotica, smut, about sex, oh, and some brilliant mainstream fiction and articles.

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Writers Resources

Writing about the smells and sounds of sex illustration

I read a lot, but so many writers, especially when writing about sex, seem to ignore smell, taste is limited to salty (I’ll let you work out the context of that one) and all characters hear is dialogue and the odd moan.

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Erotic stock photos for authors

Erotic and BDSM photos supplied by Viewfinders.

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E.A. Barker's The $1.99 Author

The $1.99 Author

Written in E.A.’s humorous style it tells you the publishing industry’s secrets; the ones you didn’t want to know and contains invaluable advice on promoting and marketing your books.

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E.A Barker’s site

Writing about sex. Title photo

Writing about just sex is like eating the cream without the strawberries

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Writing believable erotica illustration

It might be erotic but is your reader going to believe it?

Writing believable erotica should be easy but as writers of erotica, we find ourselves placing characters in evermore kinky or outlandish situations, adding more partners and taking our readers into a fantasy world

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Scrivener by LiteratureandLatte

A great writing program. It takes a bit of patience to learn but is worth it.

I use this a lot and don’t get a kickback from recommending it.

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