Erotica Readers and Writers Resources

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Readers – Looking for authors who write about specific kinks?

Writers – Want to write erotica? Trying to work out how to publish and market your book?

I am adding resources to this page as I find them. There’s notes on their content and whether I have used them.

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Resources for Erotica Readers and Writers

B.B. Pierce Author writes an adults only blog on writing and reading erotica.

A collection of sexy writers and bloggers

Readers Resources

Read erotica, smut, about sex, oh, and some brilliant mainstream fiction and articles.

Read 3 stories for free and then subscribe using this link and I get a (small) kickback

Writers Resources

Erotic stock photos for authors

Erotic and BDSM photos supplied by Viewfinders.

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Scrivener by LiteratureandLatte

A great writing program. It takes a bit of patience to learn but is worth it.

I use this a lot and don’t get a kickback from recommending it.

E.A. Barker's The $1.99 Author

The $1.99 Author

Written in E.A.’s humorous style it tells you the publishing industry’s secrets; the ones you didn’t want to know and contains invaluable advice on promoting and marketing your books.

Read my full review

E.A Barker’s site

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