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Read this bisexual, supernatural story from the beginning. Goldilocks Ensnared

I am re-releasing this dark sexy supernatural story as a four part serial and then adding two more episodes. All episodes will be free to read here or on my Substack.

Sophie’s dream of being fucked by a man that knows her body like a woman is about to come true but there is a frightening price to pay.

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Part 4

Pushing the chair back, Sophie stands, the dress slipping from her body. Without thinking, she pushes the knicker’s thin cord over her hips and they drop to the floor.

Leana steps forward, her fingers sliding through Sophie’s hair pulling her toward her. The fingertips of her other hand circling the sensitive skin on the underside of her breast, each movement carrying them closer to the swelling nipple.

Sophie feels her lips brushing against hers and a tongue pushing gently between them as if pausing at the entrance to a cave before exploring its darker recesses. Tasting honey and cinnamon she sinks into the kiss.

The fingertips brushing her nipple, tease it, bringing it to a sensitive peak, sending sparks tingling through her. She wraps her own arm around Leana’s body feeling smooth skin against her inner arms and her fingers curl, grasping at a buttock making small indentations in the firm flesh.

The kiss breaks, Leana’s head dips down, her warm breath playing across Sophie’s nipple. The fingers that had been encircling it glide across her stomach, brushing her pubis, tickling the soft skin inside her thighs.

Parting her legs Sophie arches her head back as the lips suck at her nipple, the fingers sliding lightly over the lips of her sex until she aches to feel them inside her.

The fingers curl, pushing against her inner muscles, the thumb pressing hard on her clit. Her body jerks in spasms as waves throb through her. It is as if Leana is creating pulses of energy that travel up her body and is then sucking them out of her nipple.

Spinning her around, Leana pushs her back so she is sitting on the table. Her fingers still circling inside her. Releasing her nipple the lips and tongue glide down her body planting soft kisses as they go. Now lips are sucking at her clit, pulling it out of her folds and sending huge surges through her. Sophie lifts one hand off the table, her fingertips grasping at her nipple, her palm kneading her breast like ripe dough.

Something is penetrating her, pushing into her core, sweeping through her as if Leana’s tongue is swelling and, at last, she abandons herself to a final surge sweeping up her body.

Her mind is folding in on itself, her vision darkening as her whole being concentrates on her orgasm. Her muscles tense, she pushes her hips off the table, thrusting her sex against whatever is generating the exquisite sensations.

Leana releases her and it is as if she is now molten, flowing off the table to kneel on the floor. Leana’s sex floats in front of her and she leans closer, stretching out her own tongue to suckle at the opening but that is not what Leana desires.

Hands are gently pulling her up and turning her round before pushing her face down onto the tabletop. Then she feels it. Something pushing against her cunt; something that feels like a cock.

“Oh god,” she murmurs, thoughts of her earlier fantasy floating across her mind.

Parting her lips the cock slides into her. It just seems to keep coming, deeper and deeper inside her. Thighs are pressing against the backs of her legs and buttocks. Something hiding in the recesses of her mind tells her the skin feels different to Leana’s, harder, slightly coarser and then the thought coalesced — hairier.

Was an unseen man fucking her? Leana had said, ‘we,’ or ‘us,’ earlier. Had they switched places?

Slowly, almost mechanically, the cock begins to pump. Sliding in and out of her almost its full length. She is being fucked, not for her benefit but solely for the gratification of her assailant. Her Mistress or was it her Master is using her for their pleasure.

The thought sparking through her mind, pushes her senses to new heights and she begins bucking against the thrusting penis, wriggling her backside in the hope of increasing both her own and his pleasure.

Waves are surging through her senses until this time she was aware of a physical wave pouring into her as well, the final jarring thrusts send her into a tsunami of pleasure, her world passing into darkness.

Exhausted Sophie lets her body flop down onto the tabletop and the cock slides from her. Her limbs are sucked dry of all energy. Minutes pass and then slowly she pushes herself up until standing, she turns, as if waking from a dream. Warm liquid is seeping down her inner thigh.

Leana is stood in front of her.

“Who just fucked me?” Sophie askes

“I did,” Leana smiles.

“With a strap on?” Sophie murmurs.


Sophie looks down at Leana’s pubis.

“Part of me is female.”

“And part of you is?” The words tail off, Sophie’s mind refusing to make sense of what she was saying.

I let you come to the surface, not wholly, there was no point in scaring her to death. I feel my skin stretching, my breasts flattening as your muscles form across my chest. My sex is pushing outward, swelling, becoming an organ of impregnation rather than one that sucks life into it until it stands erect and solid in front of me. I know without looking that, even though you are not fully empowered, my skin has a green tinge and my eyes are beginning to shine red.

“Oh fuck,” the girl says, pushing herself back against the table, her hand to her mouth .

You smile. In your semi human form you are handsome, strong jawline, rippling muscles and of course, that huge shaft standing proud in front of you.

I watch her look down, hear her sharp intake of breath.

I reform, back into my female human self. “You had a fantasy of being fucked by a man that knows a woman’s body as well as she does. Well, it has come true.”

I reach out and brush my fingers across her skin. “I promised you one more opportunity to remove the collar. Do you wish to do so now?”

She looks at me, her eyes round and shining, I can see the turmoil swirling in her mind until it coalesces, hardens into resolve.

“No,” she says.

She glances at the serving dish. “What does that contain?”

I lift the lid to reveal the bullwhip.

“Oh shit,” she screams.

We have fed on her fear and her lust. Now we will feed on her pain.

Part 5 Goldilocks Tamed

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