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Small Town Seduction

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A sexy big breasted blonde is out to seduce him. Is she a trap or just a horny housewife looking for a bit of fun?

I am working on a series of stories about a girl who is part succubus, part human. She teams up with a protector; a man who preserves the balance between the human and supernatural worlds. Read one of their first encounters in Ambushed.

This story is a little diversion for him.

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I ordered a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. I hate that bloody flavour but I hoped the acid tang would take my mind off what I was seeing now. Candice turned behind the bar and bent to pick up the packet from a box on the bottom shelf. Her short denim dress stretched across her ass. I sighed, it was an enticing sight but she wasn’t what I was hunting.

She turned and leant over the bar holding the crisp packet between her finger and thumb. Her low-cut top revealed two bald men having an intimate conversation, at least that’s what I told myself trying as I tried to take my mind off the view in front of me.

“See anything else you like?” she murmured.

“Look Candice, this is a small town and I’m just passing through and I’d rather not have to deal with your husband and the baseball bat he keeps under the bar.”

Candice involuntarily glanced down. I smiled, silently thanking her for confirming my hunch. Now. why would a big man like him need a baseball bat in a quiet English town? What was he afraid of? Was it just some local thugs or what I was hunting?

“He spends all his time playing poker in the back room and takes no notice of me.” She leant forward so the two bald men nodded excitedly. “I’m not going to tell him if you don’t and besides, a big guy like you could take him easily.”

That was true. Her husband was a bulky guy but I reckoned he’d no military experience. He was a brawler, the kind who swings a bat and only makes contact because the other guy is too stupid or slow to duck. I’m neither, so if you’re going to use a bat on me don’t swing it, jab it like you’re shoving your cock into… Dammit, I really should not be thinking about that.

I took the crisp packet from her and popped it open. The vinegar smell sharpened my mind as I popped a wedge of crisps into my mouth and stood up.

“I’m going outside for a cigarette.”

Most smokers hung around the front door but even though the street was empty I ducked into the dark alleyway down the side of the bar. I like darkness, you can stand in the shadows and watch who is passing in the light of the street.

I hadn’t smoked in years. There was a sealed packet in my pocket and now I was tempted to tear it open, just as I was tempted to tear off Candice’s knickers. I was reaching for the packet when I heard a sound behind me. I swung around, my muscles tensing.

“Thought you might need a light,” she said, her hand sliding down the front of my jeans and over the growing bulge. “Hmm,” she breathed, “Seems you are a big guy.”

Her fingers tugged at my zip and then wrapped around my cock, pulling it from my boxers into the cool night air.

Close up, aroused, I could smell that she wasn’t one of them but I was still alert. I might be a hunter but I am still prey and they are ever-changing.

“Candice,” I tried to protest but she had gone.

I looked down and wound my fingers into her soft blonde hair, determined to pull her back up, but then her succulent lips wrapped around the head of my cock and I surrendered. If you have your cock in the mouth of a succubus that’s all you can think about until you cum and then you die. Candice was just a horny, frustrated woman married to a leech of a guy.

I groaned, she was also very talented.

Her head bobbed back and forth as her lips slid up and down my shaft enveloping me in her warm mouth as I felt a stirring in my balls.

I pulled her up off my cock and back onto her feet.

“OK, you win.” I wrenched the straps of her top and bra off her shoulders and tugged the material down. Two of the largest, roundest, breasts you can imagine wobbled expectantly in front of me. I grabbed the hard nipple topping each between my thumb and forefinger, pinching roughly.

She gasped and sagged against me. I kissed her hard, she tasted sweet and for a moment I hoped I did not taste of salt and vinegar flavour.

I spun her around, one hand grasping the base of her neck and pushing her forward until her palms were flat on the rough brickwork of the wall. My other hand snaked under her shirt and ripped down her panties.

I cupped my hand between her legs, my fingers working into the hot wet folds and my thumb pressing against the puckered bud of her arse. I moved closer, grasped my cock and slid the full length into her, My hands encircled her body and clasped the hanging flesh of her breasts. They felt soft, like two great pillows and I locked my fingers around the hard peaks of her nipples.

She was breathing hard, thrusting back, pressing the warm flesh of her behind against me as if trying to take even more of me inside her.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard,” she gasped as she sucked breaths into her mouth.

I jackhammered into her until all but a tiny part of my being was concentrated on the feeling of her cunt gripping my cock.

The tiny part of me in the real world had no wish to leave a trail of baby mes across the country and pulled my hips back as I felt myself swelling and pulsing. My cock slipped out of her and I pushed it between her butt cheeks. Her ring was tight but my cock was so slippery with her juices it pushed it open and slid inside as I flexed my hips.

“Jesus, oh Jesus, I’m coming,” she wailed.

“ I’m not Jesus, I’m not even the devil,” I whispered in her ear as I pumped into her. “Tomorrow I’ll be gone and this is all you’ll have to remember me by.” My body shook as I spurted into her ass.

She froze as if all her muscles had locked solid, moaned and then sagged forward against the wall. My cock slipped from her warm embrace and I tucked it back inside my jeans and walked away.
I had demons enough to hunt without provoking any human ones into life in this small town.

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