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Goldilocks Baited

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Read this bisexual, lesbian, supernatural story from the beginning. Goldilocks Ensnared

I am re-releasing this dark sexy supernatural story as a four part serial and then adding two more episodes. All episodes will be free to read on my Substack.

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Part 3

Sophie feels the air move as if something is brushing past her and the door to the room swings open. Cautiously she walks towards the doorway and peers out. There was no one in the hall and the front door is closed.

The door opposite is open and a shaft of soft light comes from within the room. She steps across the hallway and hesitates at the open door. She can smell food. Her stomach grumbles as if to remind her that she has not eaten since breakfast. Tempted she steps inside.

On the far side of the room, a candelabra stands on a dark wooden table. The flames of the candles flicker as if someone has walked past them. At the end of the table, there is a place setting with its plate covered by a silver dome. The room is filled with delicious smells.

“A feast for you to take part in and be part of.” I sit at the end of the table and watch as she moves slowly toward the chair and hesitates before sitting. She lifts the lid of the first dish and looks hungrily at the food.

“It is quite safe, it is not drugged.”

“Who are you?” she asks as she spears some of the creamy langoustines on the plate.

Her voice is calmer now.

It is time. I clothe myself in an emerald green dress, the thin material that parts at the front revealing the curves of breasts and barely hides the nipples is held in place by the faintest wisps of straps. Smiling at the illusion I allow myself to slip into her world and become visible to her.

“You’re…” She freezes, the fork halfway to her mouth. “You’re a woman.”

“In part,” I smile, “Eat.”

She takes a mouthful of langoustine and rolls her head back so much I think she is about to climax again.

“Oh god,” she says, “That is so…” She takes another mouthful. “Delicious does not seem a big enough word.”

She finishes the food and I rise slowly from my chair and walk towards her, well aware that the cut to the thigh in the dress reveals my long legs with every step.

I remove her plate, turn, exchange it for the one my servant is holding and turn back to place the next course in front of her.

She stares down at the plate. “Are you some sort of magician?”

I smile, it is not the time to explain to her that she cannot see all of our world until it has become as natural to her as it is to me.

She lifts the lid of the second dish. The venison smells almost as enticing as she does.

“You certainly feed your prisoners well,” she says.

“You are not a prisoner,” I smile as I look down at her.

“Then what about this?” She reaches up and fingers the now loose collar.

“It was necessary to restrain you until you began to realise your desires.”

“What, for good food?” She takes a bite of the venison and sighs but her eyes are focused on the rounds of flesh revealed by my dress. Her gaze sweeps down over the curves of my hips and I can see she is imagining what lies beneath.

“You have only just started to discover what excites you, what stimulates you. Do you have the courage to explore what you felt in the study?”

“You are offering me sex?”

“No, I am offering you pleasure that is beyond the realms of your world.” I step closer to her. She breathes in, I know she is drinking in my scent. “Remove the collar but do not let go of it.”

Sophie reaches up and hears a click as the collar comes free. The woman and the food disappear and the room seems to age around her. The carpets moulder under her feet and the table becomes covered in dust as if she had blinked and there had been a light snowfall.

“If you put the collar down you will find yourself back in the wood and there will be no return.” She could hear the voice but there was no sign of its owner.

“Put it back on voluntarily and we will experience such pleasure together.”

Sophie feels the merest breath of air on her cheek and smells again the enticing floral perfume

“Will I ever be able to take it off again?” she said to the empty room.

“You will have one more opportunity as there is one more thing I must show you.”

Sophie wraps her fingers tightly around the collar. Her conscious mind racing with what-ifs, but her subconscious is frightened that she may drop it and lose the opportunity forever.

Her conscious and subconscious collide with the statement, ‘You will have one more opportunity’. She lifts her hands and snaps the collar closed around her neck.

She is back in the room, sitting in her original place at the table. The plates and cutlery have disappeared. There is now another covered dish in the centre of the table. The woman is sitting in the high-backed chair at the far end.

“Who are you?” Sophie asks.

The woman rises from the chair. Every movement of her limbs seems to be slow and elegant. It is as if she glides across the floor like a dancer rather than walks.

The dress slips from the woman’s shoulders. The material flowing down her body as if it is melting away.”

Sophie’s eyes widen. She is beautiful. Every curve of her body seems to have been sculpted to perfection and then coated in smooth, creamy skin. Her dark hair cascades around her shoulders with a gloss that Sophie has only seen in shampoo adverts. She cannot stop her gaze from dropping to her smooth shaven pubis and the sensual crease that marks the entrance to the folds within.

“I have never…” her voice trails off. It was a lie, she had once, and it had left her with a nagging desire that seemed to grow like a seed in the back of her mind.

Her mind slips back to Jason, his cock thumping into her. He might be a bastard but he fulfilled her desires or a least that part of them. Filled them rather well actually as he was larger than average down there. It was just a pity he was not a little more skilled.

Was that what drove her to want a woman as a lover? Someone who would know her body as her own, know which spots to touch and when. She felt her pussy tingle at the thought. Then her mind wandered, a woman with a strap on, would that be the best of both worlds?

Looking up she sees the woman is standing next to her, the undersides of her breasts round and silky, inches from her face. She feels fingertips brushing her cheek and sliding down her neck and across her shoulder, pushing the strap of the dress down. As she leans forward to push the second strap down her breasts swing close to Sophie’s lips.

Her warm breath is reflecting back off the woman’s skin and she breathes in the scent.

The woman steps back. “I am Leana, she says softly, “And I am we. Now you have chosen to wear the collar we are your Mistress and your Master.”

“We?” Sophie looked up into Leana’s eyes. Her gaze seemed almost hypnotic.

Leana smiles. “Stand up.”

Part 4 Goldilocks Submits

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