Final Bondage Therapy Zantanna Dark

Final Bondage Therapy by Zantanna Dark

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Zantanna Dark writes in the first person with an immediacy that almost like reading a series of long texts from a friend. The story is punctuated with {SMACK!}s {WHACK!}s and “MMFPPFH”s which, when added to the sexy images generated in the reader’s mind, gives the written word the feel of a comic book. None of this is negative, it’s a great style and makes for an entertaining read.

There are a couple of times when I thought, would someone really do that, but then in some comic books a bloke runs around a city in a mask, cape and tights and nobody bats an eyelid, so maybe they would.

This book is about sensory deprivation and bondage. Considering the narrator spends ninety per cent of the time naked and tied up there’s not a lot of sex, but that’s the point. The story is about anticipation and the lesbian sex when it comes is the climax to the deprivation.

Zantanna paints the other characters with a few quick brush strokes and leaves the rest to the reader’s imagination. There is very little that does not relate to the main theme in the book but it does not need pages of background. Having said that, I loved the scene in the car wash.

At the end, the narrator and the reader are left hanging but then this was a freebie and the author’s intention is obviously to leave the reader wanting more, which she does.

If you want to see more of the crazy, sometimes bonkers world of Zantanna Dark @dark_zantanna on Twitter and her books are on Smashwords

If anyone’s interested in my star ratings. 1* 2* I don’t even bother to review. 3* Good but there were some bits I ‘just didn’t get’. 4* Really good, enjoyed it and/or informative. 5* Masterpiece. It’s going to sit on my bookshelf and I’m just going to look at it and hope I can write like that one day.

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