Blonde woman wearing nothing but small leather knickers. Title photo for a bisexual lesbian story

Goldilocks Taken

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Sophie’s dream of being fucked by a man that knows her body like a woman is about to come frighteningly true in this erotic bisexual supernatural story.


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Sex blonde girl in a collar kneeling with her dress pulled up. Bisexual erotic supernatural story illustration

Goldilocks Bared

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This one is ideal. She has lived maybe two dozen years, young enough to be innocent of some things, but old enough to have had her desires awakened.

Pretty face framed by long blonde hair. Tall, long legs moving with grace, inviting curves pressing tantalizingly against the material of her clothes, stretching it like the skin of a not quite ripe fruit.
I love hunting in the summer.

The Princess and the Spanking Humorous adult erotic fairy tale

The Princess and the Spanking

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A humorous adult erotic fairy tale

Once upon a time, no that can’t be right. A long time ago in a castle far far away. “What? Get on with it.

Yes Ma’am. Don’t call you that. OK, you dirty little slut princess.”

The Succubus Speaks. Supernatural sex story illustration

The Succubus Speaks

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My name is Freya although I use others. I was born centuries ago My ancestors populated the earth when men still understood their place amongst demons and spirits. Once in a millennium one of our kind meets a man who is strong enough to endure us. His seed penetrates us and grows, blossoming into one such as me, half human, half succubus.

Dark Erotica by Simone Francis title photo. A girl fulfils her fantasies of sex with strangers

Dark Erotica A Girl Fantasises About Kinky Sex With Strangers

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Earlier this year I wrote The Dark Passage It is a piece of dark erotica fiction about a girl whose boyfriend or master arranges for her to fulfil her submissive fantasy of being taken by a gang of strangers. Subscribe (it’s free) to read the full story on this site.

Lesbian office spanking story by Simone Francis Title photo

Lesbian Office Spanking Story

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Getting spanked by her boss Michelle was not high on Lucilia’s ‘to do’ list when she arrived at work. Now it’s at the top.

A series of three lesbian office spanking stories. In the second story Lucilia attends a BDSM party in the company of a mysterious man. The story of this night is featured in The Mistress’s Pet Show out now. Don’t worry dear reader, I am not going to leave you wondering what happens if you do not buy the ebook. All the stories are standalone and complete pieces of erotica.

Sevicing Her Mistress a story of historical lesbian sex

Servicing Her Mistress

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We are back in the Edwardian era. Housemaid Emily has just submitted to a caning from her Mistress. She is not sure why, but she found the experience exciting. Read The Maid’s First Punishment.

Emily is now stood, naked in the centre of the room, her bottom glowing, waiting to find out how she can be of further service to her Mistress.

Caning the Maid Edwardian lesbian and spanking erotica

The Bookshop – Caning the Maid

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Caning the maid is an excerpt from my first full length novel The Bookshop. It is a complete scene, not just a teaser, so won’t leave you hanging but hopefully you will want more.

Warning: This story is about BDSM punishment and has an explicit lesbian sex scene.

It’s 1908 and Amelia Slone is on the trail of an organisation that seduces women, lures them in with promises of sexual gratification and has kidnapped her friend. To infiltrate The Order she must awaken her own desires.

Sexual submissive instructions Photo of nude girl in bondage

The Instructions

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Can I be your sexual submissive? The response

Author, Dianne Herbert wrote a piece on Medium Can I be your sexual submissive? She asked for tasks to perform as a submissive beyond the usual ‘Get her flat on her back on the floor and fuck her brains out’.

Now, I know Dianne’s alter ego, Dirty Dianne is quite turned on by getting literally dirty, public nudity and submission. These are my instructions to her based on her initial article and her stories so far.