The Succubus Speaks. Supernatural sex story illustration

The Succubus Speaks

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My name is Freya although I use others. I was born centuries ago My ancestors populated the earth when men still understood their place amongst demons and spirits. Once in a millennium one of our kind meets a man who is strong enough to endure us. His seed penetrates us and grows, blossoming into one such as me, half human, half succubus.

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The Devil Inside is You

Dark Erotica, Erotic Short Stories, Erotica, Sex and the Supernatural, Subscribers Short Stories

A supernatural BDSM sex story from the Dark Erotica series by Simone Francis. This is an extended preview, read the full story on Simone Francis’ substack.

She submits to her demon knowing that inside, lurks a darker more masculine form

Stories of Demonic Sex. No more Virgins by Simone Francis

No More Virgins

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I love writing humorous stories about mature women exploring their sexuality. Add in a horny and frustrated demon and who knows what will happen

She is stretched naked across the altar as he approaches.

Photo of bride in see through dress illustrating erotic paranormal short fiction story

The Bride Was A Picture

Dark Erotica, Sex and the Supernatural, Subscribers Short Stories
Erotic paranormal short fiction. A lonely man gets more than he bargains for when he buys a picture of a beautiful bride. Warning: contains graphic descriptions and NSFW illustrations .


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