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My name is Freya although I use others. I was born centuries ago My ancestors populated the earth when men still understood their place amongst demons and spirits. Once in a millennium one of our kind meets a man who is strong enough to endure us. His seed penetrates us and grows, blossoming into one such as me, half human, half succubus.

We still roam the earth, moving amongst you, unnoticed in your society.

Our human bodies consume food as you do, but the succubus inside us needs to feed as well. She must dine on your essence, sap your energy. To do this we need to engage in congress with humans.

That energy is at its most powerful and most harvestable when the adrenaline of violence flows through your blood and pours from you in sexual energy. Humans can, if they are strong, withstand one attack, providing we take only what we need. A few can survive to the second but only those that will become our protectors, or our hunters, survive a third.

So beware, the next enticing woman you meet after a fight may just be me. If you have preyed on the innocent I will drain you until you are nothing but a husk that blows away in the wind like the chaff from corn.

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Title photo for erotic supernatural succubus story
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Sexy fairy tale

Women are not safe either. Their sexual energy is just as harvestable. Their essence flows from them at the point of orgasm and I drink as greedily from their cup as I do a man’s. Their taste is more enticing, cinnamon and honey mixed with spices whereas men taste of umami, some as delicate as truffles. They are the main course, women, the dessert.

I know these tastes because my human side needs the sustenance of food the same as you.

The Succubus Collection A series of interlinked short stories about supernatural sex
The Succubus Collection A series of interlinked short stories about supernatural sex
Title photo for a dark supernatural sex story

We are strong but we can be killed, the succubus in us cannot exist without its human partner. The human in us moderates our behaviour until the desire to feed takes over. Our ancestors, the true succubae and incubi are the truly terrifying ones. Few survive but those that do exist solely to feed on humanity.

Men do not believe in our existence. To many, a creature that is half human, half mystical being is outside science, something they refuse to condone existing. Some do know of us, they are protectors, guardians of us and humanity. They allow us to feed as long as we do not kill, although there are some highly placed who know of our existence and allow us to take our fill from those they believe humans can do without.

I am half your race, but there are times when I feel you deserve our existence.

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