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The Girl in the Green Dress

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Sex in the woods is not all it seems in this sexy fairy tale

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“Follow me,” she steps off the path and into the wood, picking her way delicately between the brambles.

She is wearing a sage green sleeveless dress that finishes just above her knees. The light material swings around her, lifting slightly to reveal an extra inch or so of her smooth, cream skinned, legs with each step.

In a clearing, hidden from the path, she turns to face me. Long, straight, chestnut brown hair frames her almond face and flows over her shoulders, reaching past her waist. There is a hint of naughtiness in her dark eyes and the flicker of a smile at the corners of her delicate lips.

She turns and takes a step away. Swinging her hair over her left shoulder she reaches back until her slender fingers touch the top of the dress’ zip at the base of her neck. Her crimson red nails blaze for a second against the muted green of the dress as she slips the zip down just a few inches, revealing an inviting vee of pale flesh.

She shifts her position, her arm curling around and up her back as she grasps the zip’s tag again, sliding it down so the vee slowly widens. Her head tips forward hiding her eyes but as the parting material reveals the hollow at the base of her back she turns and her looks at me through the veil of hair.

She straightens and the dress slips from her shoulders, sliding down her body to pool on the ground.

Naked, she turns to stand facing me, one leg bent at the knee, the heel of her foot raised in a model pose. Her head tilts to one side, her brown eyes sparkle in the light, her lips part. She is challenging me, challenging me not to desire her.

I allow the vision before me to soak into my senses. The curves of her breasts, highlighted by shadows from the sunlight above, delicate pink nipples surrounded by wide aureole which look as if someone had stirred sweet, strawberry, syrup onto them.

Her figure curves into her waist forming a sensual line that flows out over rounded hips. My eyes roam over the flat skin of her stomach until they rest on the neatly trimmed dark forest I long to explore.

A gentle breeze stirs the leaves in the trees and they rustle as if chattering excitedly at the vision before them. Her eyes part from mine for a moment as she looked past me into the tangle of greenery.

“It’s just the wind,” I smile. “No one is looking.”

Her eyes lock back onto mine and widen as her chin drops. “No one?” She says as she turns away from me and steps out of the circle of the discarded dress.

Bending forward, she rests her hands on a fallen tree, her back almost horizontal as she arches her spine and moves her feet half a pace apart.

I sense more than see the soft cleft of her sex gleaming between the inviting curves of flesh. “I am.” I step closer and run my fingers over her silky skin. She shivers as if the merest touch is sending sparks through her nerves.

My own flesh is hard, rearing its head, pushing against the confines of my jeans as if seeking the freedom of the light. The fingers of my left-hand tug at my zip whilst my right slips into the fluid cleft between her thighs.

She turns and gazes over her shoulder at me. “Naked,” she murmurs.

Buttons fly from my shirt as I pull at the material and my clothes drop to the ground. The breeze rattles through the leaves again and brushes gently over my skin. My cock almost seems to pull me forward as it pushes between the soft, warm, folds.

Her back arches, muscles tense and a primaeval moan echoes through the trees as she pushes back against me. She rocks back and forth with an increasing tempo until I feel her gripping my shaft, sucking the juices from me deep into her. The world grows dark, every sense in my body seems to focus on the flow between us, I can no longer see, hear or feel anything but her.

Languidly my senses return. I look around, I am alone, naked, in the wood.

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