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The Iron Tongue of Midnight – Prologue

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A modern erotic fairy story by Simone Francis

I love writing about the supernatural. But what if it’s really there – just in another dimension? This is the prologue to my book The Iron Tongue of Midnight. The prologue was originally written as a short story and then I decided to keep going.

The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve

Lovers to bed; ’tis almost fairy time

William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Nights Dream


Rebecca dreamed, tossing and turning in the heat of the night, her dark hair flowing in waves across the white pillows. The sultriness of the air glistened on her pale skin. In her dreams, she saw legions of men, each with tantalising blue-veined hard flesh standing out before them. Her arms reached out, she wanted them, wanted to touch them, feel them inside her.

She moaned in her sleep as she imagined the first pushing into her sex, then another into her behind, a third forcing her mouth open, whilst her fingers enclosed the hard shafts of two more, standing to attention, ready. She writhed on the bed, the white sheets twisting around her, binding her tightly, preventing her spreading her legs. She struggled in her frustration. The dream faded.

Later in the night, when it was cooler, she lay on her back across the bed in a world somewhere between awake and her dreams. The sheets seemed transformed to black satin instead of her crisp white cotton. She felt more than saw a masculine presence; a dark shape against the moonlit curtains, a shadow that seemed to be blacker than the surrounding room. The sultry air seemed to stir almost imperceptibly as she sensed him move towards her.

His fingertips brushed over her ankles and then, barely kissing her skin, snaked up her legs. Her muscles tensed, raising her hips towards the touch as they passed over her pubis but the fingers did not linger there.

She gasped, a small intake of breath that made the tiniest of sounds in the night air, as the fingertips brushed her nipples, touching them like a gentle breath, before moving along her right arm until they reached her wrist. Blood coursed through her veins and she could hear the sound of her own heartbeat pulsing rhythmically.

She felt something soft and silken encircle her wrist winding itself around her like a vine growing around a tree branch. She stirred slightly, enjoying the dream, as she sensed the same sensation against her other wrist. The bonds tugged against her skin lifting her hands from the bed and pulling them together above her head until her fingertips touched the solid metal of the cast iron bed head.

In her dream she smiled, submitting to the strange pleasure. Fresh ties snaked around her ankles as her unseen lover slipped something that felt like a leather collar around her neck. She wriggled in alarm at the sudden restriction, but the collar remained loose and she relaxed back into the dream. Gently hands pushed against her hips, hinting that she should roll over and languidly she complied. The palms pulled against her hips bringing her up to kneel on the bed, head down with her cheek brushing the silken sheets.

The ties around her wrists tugged her hands apart and wrapped themselves around the bed head whilst those around her ankles pulled her feet apart toward the bottom corners. She felt something cool and metallic extending down her back, it seemed to pulse as individual sections trailed each other across her skin like a line of large ants. She realised it was a metal chain as it slipped between the cheeks of her behind and then snaked between her legs. The links continued to unwind until she heard a soft click as it attached itself to a ring at the front of the collar.

She flexed her limbs dreamily, testing the bonds and found that the other end of the chain was secured to something above her. If she remained in just the right position it rested firmly against her sex but if she stretched her arms and swayed back on her knees the smallest amount it was pulled in between her lips, rubbing against her bud. She gasped and let out a soft moan, unable to suppress her arousal.

Was she really dreaming this? The thought invaded her consciousness. She was sure that in a moment she would open her eyes and see the dull grey light of dawn reflected on the ceiling above her and all that would remain would be the frustration seeping between her legs. She allowed herself to fall back into the euphoria of the dream.

She sensed her silent tormentor move away, Oh God, she thought as she wriggled against the restraints, he‘s not going to leave me like this. She felt the cool night air caress her behind, her sex was now swollen, glistening lips parted in anticipation. In exasperation, she wriggled against the hard metal of the chain trying to bring herself to some sort of a climax, but it offered her no satisfaction.

Her senses seemed to have heightened and she thought she could hear his breathing and the scent of a male musk seemed to drift into her mind. An essence that reminded her of something, something primaeval, the smell of nature, the smell of the forest. She was sure she could feel her visitor’s eyes on her, watching her, relishing her frustration.

She sensed movement as he seemed to glide silently closer to her. The chain between her legs was snapped apart and she felt the smooth swelling of the head of taught flesh brush against her. Eagerly she tried to push her hips back towards him but still she was not granted the release she sought. He waited, teasing her to the brink of ecstasy then just as she thought she would explode he lunged forward taking her with one violent thrust.

Rebecca squealed with joy, writhing on his shaft as he possessed her, her climax shuddering through her body so completely that for a moment she was unaware of his continued thrusting. Responding to a deep carnal urge her body swayed forward each time he withdrew, only to be drawn back towards him, sliding back down his shaft as he lunged forward, her hands pulling on the ties until they bit into her flesh.

She heard herself utter a deep groan that seemed to come from the depths of her body as his thrusts became deeper. He pulsed inside her and she felt as if the muscular flesh of their thighs was fusing together and her mind seemed to leap into a void as the most intense orgasm she had ever felt seemed to claim her very soul. Exhausted she slid forward against the soft sheets and blackness enveloped her.

The Iron Tongue of Midnight

An Adult Erotic Fairy Tale

Rebecca Mason is queen of her empire; she uses men and then discards the husks. No one is going to turn her into a whining sub. Then she meets two men she desires; the problem is one is cool and distant, and the other is not human.

Warning: This novel features graphic sex scenes, some of which include fetishes. These scenes are all consensual and integral to the story.

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