Adult Erotic Fairy Tale

The Iron Tongue of Midnight

A Midsummer Night’s Dream meets BDSM sex in this new release from Simone Francis

Ever wished you could read an adult erotic fairy tale which included sex, BDSM and time travel?

The Iron Tongue of Midnight

An Adult Erotic Fairy Tale

Rebecca Mason is queen of her empire; she uses men and then discards the husks. No one is going to turn her into a whining sub. Then she meets two men she desires; the problem is one is cool and distant, and the other is not human.

Warning: This novel features some quite graphic sex scenes, some of which include fetishes. These scenes are all consensual and integral to the plot.

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Rebecca dreamed, tossing and turning in the heat of the night, her dark hair flowing in waves across the white pillows. The sultriness of the air glistened on her pale skin as in her dreams, she saw legions of men, each with tantalising blue-veined hard flesh standing out before them.

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Warning: Contains scenes of BDSM whippings, spankings and graphic descriptions of sex.

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