Photo illustration for the car was a sexy short story by Simone Francis

The Car Wash

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Sexy Short Story. When your sexy neighbour offers to wash your car are you going to refuse?

Sometimes it’s just fun to write about people enjoying unexpected sex.

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She was wearing a pair of sexy, satin shorts and a white T-shirt. There were a couple of points pushing at the thin material that caught my attention as there was no bra holding them back.

I had only moved into the house I had rented a couple of days ago but had noticed her whilst I was still unpacking boxes and I had responded to her friendly wave as she came out of the front door opposite and got into a car. She had accompanied by a large man who I assumed was her husband.

“Hi, I’m Suzanne.” She held out her hand. “I just thought I come and say, well, hi, and welcome.’

“James, and thank you,” I said shaking her hand

“Are you English?” Her head tipped slightly to one side.

“Yes, I’ve come over to work here for a couple of months.’

“Well, if you need anything, any help finding your way around, I’d be happy to…” she paused and I realised she was still holding my hand, “…show you everything.”

“Thank you,” I said thinking that the T-shirt and shorts were showing me quite a lot already.

“Anything I can do, just ask.” She turned and walked back down my path and I watched her long legs stretch out and one of the cutest butts in the neighbourhood, hell, perhaps in the city, wriggle beneath the shorts. She stopped and looked at my car in the driveway. It was still covered in the dust from my drive over.

  “That could do with a wash.” She turned and looked over her shoulder and her gaze dropped to the growing bulge in the front of my shorts. “Why don’t you bring it over to our carport.”

There was a moment of confusion in my mind as I wondered whether she meant the car or the bulge?

“We’ve got a pressure washer,” She smiled and her lips parted, just a hint.

OK, I thought, I’m a single man, washing my car is one of my least favourite jobs so when a sexy neighbour offers to do it for me, especially with that amount of flirtation in her eyes, what have I got to lose? Then the other side of my mind chips in, well quite a lot if her husband finds out, you really don’t want him taking pot-shots across the road at you for fucking his wife. And what if she’s just being neighbourly, you’ll look pretty stupid going over there with a hard on?

“Well at least I’ll have a clean car,” I said to myself as I started it up and drove across the road.

Sexy girl washing car. Illustration for sexy short story by Simone Francis

The carport was down the side of the house and enclosed at the side and back by a high fence. The only house that had a direct view into it was mine.

Suzanne walked to the side of the car opposite me and opened the door. She bent forward and looked in; her breasts swelled against the front of the T-shirt. “Wash and wax sir,” she laughed and then winked.

“You just sit there and watch the show.” She stood up and slipped down her shorts before bending back into the car and dropping them on the passenger seat. ‘Look after these for me, they’re new and I don’t want to get them wet.”

She closed the door and stood close to the window for a few seconds, making sure that I had plenty of time to get a good view of her pussy covered only by the skimpiest of black, G-string knickers.

She turned and slowly walked to the front of the car. I watched through the windshield; she had one of those asses that made you just want to reach out, cup it in your hands and knead it like firm dough. 

Taken by surprise when she slid out of the shorts, my reactions had been a little slow but now my blood was pumping furiously and my cock was pushing hard against the material of my shorts as if anxious to take a look for itself.

Facing away from me she bent to pick up the gun of the pressure washer, her feet wide apart. The creamy white skin stretched taught over the firm curves of her ass, the thin string of her knickers hiding less than it revealed between her legs.

That was it, my cock was now pushing so hard against my shorts I thought the seam would split.

She turned, pointed the gun of the pressure washer straight at me, and pulled the trigger.

She could have made the jet of water spurting out look more like she was cumming over the car, but I could not think how. Hidden from view by the water cascading down the windscreen I unzipped my fly. It seemed I had no choice, keeping my erection coiled inside the shorts was becoming painful. For a moment I thought I heard it gasp as it sprang free.

She sprayed the rest of the car, her face hidden from view, but as she moved alongside the driver’s door and stretched to cover the roof I could see the pink folds of her pussy lips flowing out of the side of the G-string. Had it slipped or had she pushed it to one side whilst she sprayed the windscreen?

She moved around to the rear and worked her way up to the passenger door. The drumming of the water hitting the metal stopped and there was a clatter as she dropped the pressure washer.

The door opened and she leant into the car. Her T-shirt was now soaked and the transparent material clung to the outline of her breasts like a second skin.  It seemed pointless to try and hide the shaft of flesh rising out of my shorts. I was only wearing them and a T-shirt and stuffing it back beneath the material was definitely not an option.

“That’s everything nice and wet so I’ll let it soak.” She slipped onto the passenger seat. “Whilst I start on the inside.”

  She reached out and I felt her fingers encircle my shaft. ‘Hmm, nice cock.’ Her eyes widened. “Sit back, I want to suck it.”

I was sure there were a hundred reasons we should not be doing this, but I could only think of one. “Your husband,” I muttered.

“Oh, he hasn’t looked at me in months.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“You say the nicest things. In fact his last words before he left on another business trip were, ‘go and find and find someone to fuck you and get it out of your system’. As I saw you move in I thought ah-ha, and on my doorstep as well.’ She reached over and pressed the recline button of the seat. It purred back like a dentist’s chair.

I could smell her light perfume mingled with the scent of her wet hair as her warm lips brushed against the purple head of my cock. She smelt of summer flowers freshened by a rain shower. I almost purred with happiness as the tip of her tongue flicked across the smooth skin of the head and tickled the cleft in the centre. Then her lips wrapped around the shaft and descended almost to the base.

Jesus, this girl could suck cock. It felt as though the head was pushing open her throat as she swept down and the upstroke seemed to draw the waiting liquid out of my balls which were cupped in her hand. She came up for air, leaving my rod glistening and searching for more. Her head descended again and I felt her soft hair brushing my stomach and thighs as she bobbed up and down.

I reached out until my fingertips felt the smooth flesh of that beautiful, round ass. I slid them between her cheeks, over the puckered bud of her behind and down into the hot, silky folds of the back of her pussy. She wriggled, came up for air again, and flicked her hair back as she looked up at me. Her fingertips brushing up the back of my cock sent shivers up my spine.

“Time to do the outside again.’ She grinned at the expression on my face.

“What?” I spluttered.

“I’ll wash and you fuck.” She squirmed back into the passenger seat and opened the door.

It took a couple of seconds for my mind to catch up. I jumped out of the car and ran round to meet her at the front hoping that no one chose that moment to drive past and see a man with a raging hard on chasing a woman around a car.

Suzanne grabbed a sponge from a bucket and, slopping more water down the front of her T-shirt, bent over the bonnet of the car, her ass swinging provocatively as she swished it back and forth across the hood. I stood behind her, the head of my cock pushing against her ass and slid my fingers between her legs.

It was almost impossible to decide which was wetter, the sponge, her T-shirt or her pussy. She thrust her hips back against me. There was an urgency in her movements as if her pussy was searching for my cock, she obviously had not been fucked for a while. I shifted my position until the head of my erection felt the warn slipperiness of her parting lips.

She immediately pushed back. The sensation was incredible. It was as if I was being sucked into her by a force beyond my control. Her behind pressed against my thighs and she let out a long deep moan that seemed to reverberate off the walls of the carport. I followed her cue and for several seconds we seemed frozen as a tableau of sex. I could feel her muscles contracting as the warmth of her body gripped my shaft.

Then she started to move. I stood still, frozen with all muscles tensed as she slid back and forth. She seemed to be enjoying the sensation as if she was fucking a statue. Sensations pulsed through my dick and my brain started to cloud. I grabbed at her hips, my fingers biting into the soft flesh as I pulled her on to me and subjected her to my rhythm.

I could feel my juices rising and, in a desperate attempt to prolong the wonderful sensations we were both feeling, looked down at the floor hoping there would be something that would distract my mind from the rapidly mounting eruption. At my feet was a bucket of water with a sponge floating in it. I reached down, my cock almost sliding out of her, and grabbed at it. Water arced across the car as I ripped it out of the bucket and dumped onto the small of her back. Water flowed over her and ran down her skin like a flash flood.

The sensation has the opposite of my desired effect. She squealed, so loud and excitedly that I thought the neighbours would come rushing out and thrust herself back onto me so hard that I thought our skin would fuse together. I could contain the eruption no longer and poured into her. My mind clouded, my vision seemed to fade but I could feel her bucking against me, muscles tensed, her pussy gripping me as if to squeeze the life from my cock. Somewhere in my head I could hear her shouting and squealing as her orgasm exploded through her.

Slowly my senses returned to normal. I kept pushing gently into her until I felt her muscles begin to relax and then her whole body seemed to become liquid and flow down across the metal of the car. She smiled and looked up at me. It was a contented look with a sparkle of naughtiness in her eyes. She pushed up from the bonnet and looked at me over her shoulder.

“Cars need washing regularly,’ she grinned. “Same time next week?”

I nodded. “I do a lot of miles. Might need another wash before then.”

She turned so she was sat back on the bonnet. “Yes, but first we need to finish polishing it.” She reached out and wrapped her fingers around my softening dick which immediately began to reawaken.

Girl in sexy shorts girl washing car. Illustration for sexy short story by Simone Francis
Images assembled by The Author from images on Pixabay including main image from Victoria_Borodinova Artist and zabiyaka
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