The Bookshop Dark erotic BDSM thriller by Simone Francis

The Bookshop – An Erotic Historical Thriller

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Welcome to a world of spankings, submission and sexual slavery that seethes below the respectable veneer of Edwardian London. Follow our bisexual heroine, Amelia Slone, as she enters The Bookshop in this fast paced thriller.

A wild and adventurous ride!

Warning: This erotic novel contains scenes of spankings and submission

The Bookshop -An erotic thriller by Simone Francis


Being a bisexual woman in Edwardian London was never easy. In this excerpt, Amelia is introduced to BDSM.

Read, Caning the Maid – A full length BDSM and lesbian sex scene from The Bookshop

Amelia’s Training – Lesson 3

‘Please continue the instruction,’ von Schellenberg opened the door. ‘Amelia, as she said Mrs Appleton will act as both pupil and mentor so she may interrupt you to offer advice whereas a true pupil would not. I will return when it is time for luncheon.’

‘Should we continue?’ Amelia asked.
‘It is good to give your compliant a rest from your attentions.’ Mary raised herself up. ‘Especially when conducting a flagellation for pleasure.’ She turned and smiled at Amelia. ‘It gives the pain time to seep into every pore. But I don’t think we are there yet. She lay back down. ‘At least another twenty or thirty good strokes should suffice.’

Amelia found that, as they progressed, she began to feel similar sensations to those she had felt under the flogger. Not as intense but something was stirring within her. After twenty more strokes Mary’s cheeks where flushed the colour of a ripening apple. She stood up slowly.
‘You are learning my dear Amelia.’ She turned around.
Amelia noted that the cheeks of her face almost matched her behind and that her nipples were now swollen pink peaks surmounting the soft white orbs of her breasts.

‘Did you not find your womanhood craves penetration after a skilful flagellation?
‘I . . .‘ Amelia stuttered.
‘The company you are attempting to infiltrate will have no reservations about asking you intimate questions.’ Mary said. ‘This is a different realm far removed from the mores of everyday society.’
‘I did.’
‘Of course a good stiff male member skilfully wielded by a handsome man would be ideal.’ She gazed at the door. ‘Maybe von Schellenberg . . . but then I could never seduce him. The damn man has the willpower of a monk.’ She looked directly at Amelia. ‘Maybe you will have more success.’


When you read this book, you get a real feel for the time period with the description of clothing, lanterns, transportation options, etc. The author also did a great job discussing how domestic discipline might have been treated back in this time period, and the sex scenes were quite steamy. If you like a bit of history with your erotica, this book is for you. I would highly recommend.

There was a healthy amount of thriller, humor, and adventure to keep you on your toes throughoutThe Bookshop was beyond enjoyable with beautiful writing and Simone did an amazing job with the concept too

The Bookshop

Being a bisexual woman in Edwardian London is not easy. Especially when you enemies… and your friends are masters of BDSM

Read, Caning the Maid – A full length BDSM and lesbian sex scene from The Bookshop

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