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This glamourous blonde is one of the sexiest women I think Vas has photographed for Secret Obsessions.

In fact, she is part of the inspiration for the character Argenta in The Donnington Chronicles.

Electra (her modelling name) has one of those looks that suggests that she is not to be messed with. She has the classic look of a Simone Francis heroine, although in the Donnington Chronicles, Argenta is definitely the bad girl of the plot.

What is a Simone Francis heroine like?

Confident, self assured, maybe not at first, but that develops throughout the story. Gutsy, they are willing to take on men and women and take them to their bed or anywhere else, if the mood takes them. If they submit to you, it’s on their terms but you are in for one hell of a ride.

Glamourous, sexy, blonde woman

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Nude Mistress with a riding crop. This glamourous blonde was the inspiration for Argenta in The Donnington Chronicles by Simone Francis

The Donnington Chronicles – Celia’s first meeting with Argenta

‘The blonde was watching, waiting for that moment. Celia did not hear the slight swish that the leather strop made as it cut through the air, but she felt the impact through every nerve of her body. The stinging pain seemed to penetrate the flesh of her behind and surge through her, to erupt from her mouth as an agonised scream. Before she could draw breath a second blow fell and then a third until she could no longer count them. Her rump seemed to be nothing but a seething mass of fire.

From her prone position Celia could not see Lady A. She was sat at her desk, a slight smile on her face as she watched Argenta, the muscular blonde, bring the strop skilfully down on Celia’s writhing cheeks for the tenth time. Argenta was well practised in her discipline and, although Celia would probably have disputed it, she wasn’t putting her full force behind each stroke. Despite this, the white skin of Celia’s bottom was turning fiery red, but the pain would subside quickly and the skin remain unbroken.’

Glamourous blonde in baby doll nightie chained in a dungeon

It takes confidence to submit

If you chain her up and crack a whip across her behind, she’ll either be as horny or as mad as hell when you release her. So be ready.

To see even more explicit photos from Electra’s collection subscribe to my newsletter and remember to check the Secret Obsessions box (it’s free). This will give you access to subscriber only content on both sites

The Donnington Chronicles – Argenta and Celia’s second meeting

Argenta smiled sadistically and slowly slid one end of the dildo into herself before forcing the other end into Celia’s now tight pussy. Argenta reared up, one knee between Celia’s legs and her other foot by Celia’s head so she was able to work herself up and down her end of the shaft. Celia herself was penetrated by each of Argenta’s thrusts and could still feel Kirsten working the second dildo in and out of her behind. She bucked against both thrusts and started to scream, moan and growl, all at the same time. It was almost too much to bear, she could feel Kirsten’s fingers playing with her clit and guiding Argenta‚Äôs dildo into her whilst her other hand relentlessly pushed the other dildo home.

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