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Why do my heroines submit to spankings, canings and whippings?

Most of my heroines are strong, confident women. In many of my books and stories they start out less so, but throughout the story, their character develops. So why do these women submit to having pain inflicted upon them?

Many people think spanking in a sexual context is about domination, but it is the desire to be dominated by, to surrender control to, someone trusted, that is the true motivation. For some of my characters, the mental stimulation of that submission is paramount, for others, the sensations stimulated by the pain can be their major motivation.

The pain and pleasure of a good spanking

Pain, inflicted skilfully and to just the right level can enhance sexual pleasure or even produce an orgasm without penetration. In a balanced relationship both the administrator and the receiver gain pleasure from the action, whether this is spanking, caning or whipping but, often, the relationship is balanced in favour of the submissive. To concentrate on delivering the correct amount of stimulation the person administering the spanking has to subsume their own feelings.

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Will I like it?

Fetish photo of a girl pulling down panties ready to submit to spankings canings or a whipping

Will I like it? is a basic human question when confronted with the opportunity to experience something new, whether it is a new food, skydiving or a sexual activity, especially if others find it pleasurable.
As an author, I have had the opportunity to interview a lot of people in the BDSM community. The two main tenants of real-life practitioners are consent and the ‘get out of jail free card’, usually a safe word.
In fiction that features BDSM the lines may become a little blurred, other factors rather than personal pleasure influence a character, they have to otherwise there is no plot to the story, but the consent is still there.

In The Bookshop, Amelia Slone submits for the first time out of necessity, placing herself in jeopardy to try and rescue her friend. Rebecca Mason in The Iron Tongue of Midnight, finds herself unsure whether she is in a dream world or reality. Celia Donnington is given a stark choice in The Donnington Chronicles but, as with all my heroines, the opportunity to walk away is always there. These are confident women who approach danger, new experiences and new sexual partners with their eyes open and say, “Bring it on.”

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Fetish photo A girl submits to spankings canings and whippings
Of course the main reason for spanking in a sexual setting is because it’s fun

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It had never occurred to her that the girl actually enjoyed her punishment and she found herself idly wondering what it was like to be in that position.

“Each of you will kneel before your mount and take him in your mouth. There’s no prize for the winner, but the slowest girl will endure the punishment of her riders choosing.”

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