The Caning

The Caning An adult fetish story of BDSM and sexual practices

The first thwack lands and he marvels at the way her buttocks respond. A ripple of flesh speeds out from where the strap touches her. It is like dropping a stone into a pool of oil. She does not flinch or cry out. She knows the rules just as he does. He brings his arm back and the strop whispers through the air again, landing harder this time.

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The Donnington Chronicles – BDSM Fiction

BDSM fiction

Celia Donnington is known as The Ice Maiden in her office. Watch her thaw as she enters a world of BDSM at Hardend House. If she does will she become Mistress or slave?

The Donnington Chronicles BDSM fiction by Simone Francis

Warning: Contains scenes of BDSM whippings, spankings and graphic descriptions of sex.

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Dutiful Dereliction

Photo illustration for bondage short stoty

by Simone Francis

Bondage & submission illustrated short story

The world fades. What is this place? We walk through large rooms with high, once white ceilings that are faded to parchment cream. All around paint and wallpaper is peeling and the once polished floors crunch with debris under my high heels.

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The First Time

Photo illustration of nude woman bending over in a spanking fetish story

Spanking fetish story by Simone Francis

A woman explores her deepest desires as the door to a new world opens in this spanking fetish short story.

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The Pending Tray – The Beginning

Office spanking story title photo

Two versions of the same office spanking story but featuring different characters and at different times.

The central character, Lucilia, features both stories but she plays different roles. The stories are set at different times in her relationship with Michelle. In between Lucilia and Michael have attended a BDSM party at a luxurious mansion and this story of this night is featured in the Naughty Invitations Anthology. Don’t worry dear reader, I am not going to leave you wondering what happens if you do not buy the book. All the stories are standalone and complete pieces of erotica

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The Pending Tray – After the Party

Office spanking story photo

The kinky lesbian spanking story heats up as two girls are bent over the desk pending punishment

Two stories with the same theme. The central character, Lucilia, features both stories but she plays different roles.

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