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The Bookshop – Caning the Maid

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Caning the maid is an excerpt from my first full length novel The Bookshop. It is a complete scene, not just a teaser, so won’t leave you hanging but hopefully you will want more.

Warning: This story is about BDSM punishment and has an explicit lesbian sex scene.

It’s 1908 and Amelia Slone is on the trail of an organisation that seduces women, lures them in with promises of sexual gratification and has kidnapped her friend. To infiltrate The Order she must awaken her own desires.

‘That maid is hopeless,’ Mrs Eustace exclaimed. ‘She really needs a damn good flogging.’

She looked across at Amelia. ‘Please excuse my language. I only use it in front of friends, and I already regard you as a friend Miss Slone’

‘I agree with both the language and the sentiments my dear Mrs Eustace.’

‘Please, if we are to be friends. Call me Emily.’
‘And you should call me Amelia.’ She reached out and took Emily’s hand. ‘Should we not call her back? Administering such a flogging would be such fun,’

‘My dear Amelia you are a person of continuous surprises. Indeed, it would be stimulating. ’She stood up and tugged on the bell pull.

‘May I suggest that we continue to use more formal address in your maid’s presence to maintain the required authority,’ Amelia said.

‘Of course, my dear Miss Slone.’ Mrs Eustace’s smile vanished as the maid entered the room. ‘Go and fetch the cane and the crop girl.’

The maid curtsied a disappeared back out the door.

She reappeared and placed the items on a side table and then stood, head bowed before her mistress.

‘Your conduct is appalling,’ said Mrs Eustace. ‘You are tardy, clumsy and pay no attention to your duties. By rights I should dismiss you but, I am a considerate employer, so perhaps a punishment will help you to concentrate in future.

Amelia considered that all of this speech was play acting for her benefit as it was somewhat obvious that the maid had been subjected to similar activities before.

‘Place a chair in the middle of the room,’ Mrs Eustace commanded, ‘then remove your garments and place your hands on the seat.’

Amelia noticed Mrs Eustace glance at her to see if she was at all shocked at the instructions she had given. She smiled to show her approval.

The maid unbuttoned her dress and removed her undergarments. She was slim with tiny, almost boyish breasts and when she turned and bent over the chair her buttocks were small and tight.

‘A small but pleasing target don’t you agree Miss Slone.’ Mrs Eustace held out the cane, handle first to Amelia. ‘Would you care to begin the instruction?’

‘Thank you, Mrs Eustace. It would give me the greatest pleasure.’ She took the cane and placed the supple tip on the girls naked buttocks drawing it across the firm flesh. Then she tapped twice like a tennis player preparing to serve before bringing her arm back for the first volley.

There was a satisfying crack as the cane made contact. The tip was flexible enough to continue its momentum and bend itself around the shape of the girl’s buttocks which, despite their firmness rippled slightly. The girl’s torso jerked slightly but she did not cry out.

She drew the cane back and struck again. A thin red line began to appear from her first strike and she placed the next neatly parallel to it, then another, and another. Apart from the involuntary reflexes of her body there was no sound from the maid.

Amelia dropped her arm and swung lower. This time the cane found softer flesh just under the roundness of the buttocks. The girl jerked and emitted a short ‘Aagh’ sound.

‘Well done Miss Slone. It is rare to make her cry out as she has been instructed not to.’ Mrs Eustace had obviously dropped any pretence that this was a new experience for the maid.

Amelia wielded the cane again aiming for the same spot. The maid hissed as she sucked air through clenched teeth but managed not to make a verbal sound.

Mrs Eustace rested her hand on Amelia’s arm and put her lips close to her ear. ‘My dear Amelia, you are obviously well practised at this art. Please allow me a little fun as well’.

‘Of course, my dear Emily,’ she whispered back. ‘It will be so. . . so stimulating to watch a true artist at work.’

Amelia sat down and watched as Mrs Eustace wielded the riding crop. It was shorter and thicker than the cane and made a duller more resonant sound when it made contact. Mrs Eustace was applying it conscientiously with some force and the maid was emitting a series of sharp hissing sounds similar to a kettle approaching the boil as each stroke landed. She began to apply the crop vertically downward on each of the girl’s buttocks and a tartan pattern of red stripes began to appear.

Obviously pleased with her handiwork Mrs Eustace stopped and stepped back to admire the pattern. She turned to Amelia. ‘This girl is aroused and stimulated by my punishments. In fact, I believe she has come to enjoy them meaning that she requires ever stronger admonishments. Would you care to check if this is the case, Miss Slone?’

For a moment Amelia did not understand what Emily was suggesting, but then she remembered her own state after her instruction. This was obviously another element of the test.

‘Certainly Mrs Eustace.’ Amelia stood and approached the naked and still bent over girl. She placed her hand on the rump that was now covered in swelling red welts. Her fingers traced the texture of the lines.

Amelia had never touched another woman’s skin other than on the hand or occasionally the arm. She slid her fingers over the curve of the buttocks into the cleft between them where the crop and cane had barely reached and the skin was still soft and smooth.

Her fingers moved lower. The girl obediently moved her feet apart to allow Amelia’s fingers access to her no longer private regions. Amelia felt the parted swollen lips of another woman’s sex for the first time. She curled her fingers slightly and the lips opened further offering no resistance as they revealed a soft wetness that felt like an over ripe fruit. The girl emitted a small moan and her knees bent slightly pushing herself down onto Amelia’s fingers as if craving further ingress.

Amelia pushed her fingers forward and searched out the bud of the girl’s clitoris. She found it swollen and extended and pinched it gently between thumb and forefinger. The girl let out a sound that was half scream half gasp and her legs buckled.

Mrs Eustace’s fingers brushed Amelia’s face. She stood close and looked into Amelia’s eyes. Amelia could feel her breath on her own lips and smell her delicate perfume.

‘I should like very much, my dear Amelia, for you to bring a similar pleasure to me.

She turned to the maid without waiting for a reply. ‘Go and stand in the corner girl and await instructions.’

The girl immediately straightened up and ran to the corner where she stood, hands crossed, facing the wall. Her smarting red behind almost glowing in the shadows.

‘My husband is away on business and, although he will return soon, I long for the agony of bliss another’s touch would bring. I have no wish to cuckold him with a male lover, but I am sure an exchange between friends would not upset him. Indeed, should I recount it to him I am sure it would bring forth all manner of delights.’

Amelia said nothing her mind was leaping like a horse over racecourse fences. She brought her fingers up to touch Emily’s cheek.

Emily brushed her lips against Amelia’s in the lightest of kisses. ‘My husband is a strict disciplinarian and punishment is something we mutually enjoy in our congress. Since you are so obviously skilled would you commence with that?’

Amelia found that she could not speak and simply nodded.

‘In that case, I shall disrobe,’ Emily stepped back and began to unbutton her dress. ‘I will ask you perhaps to not be quite as severe as with the maid’. Having spoken of the girl she seemed to suddenly remember her.

‘Girl come here and assist me.’

The maid obediently trotted from the corner and helped her mistress undress. Emily’s chemise hung forward to reveal plump, round breasts as she bent to help the maid roll off her stockings. The maid lifted the chemise over her mistress’ head exposing a narrow waist that widened to elegantly curved hips. Her slender legs fanned into the V of a dark bush that complemented her silky hair.

Emily moved closer. Amelia was aware that nipples swelling with desire were pressing on both the inside and outside of her clothes. Emily’s lips brushed hers.

‘Would you like the girl to assist you?’

It took a moment for Amelia to understand the question.

‘Yes,’ she breathed.

It seemed to take just moments for the girl to divest Amelia of her clothes and fold them neatly on a chair.

Amelia was aware that the maid then stood, head no longer bowed, looking at the two naked goddesses before her. Emily pointed to the corner and the girl seemingly reluctantly returned to her position.

Emily moved close again. This time her lips pressed against Amelia’s in a lover’s kiss, her tongue gently parting them as she explored.

Amelia’s vision clouded and her head felt dizzy. Her senses seemed to fill with Emily’s lavender perfume but there was another smell, something more primeval; a smell she would come to recognise as desire.

She decided to pursue what she knew for the moment. Separating their lips she whispered one word ‘Bend.’

Emily smiled as she bent and placed her palms on the seat of the chair. Her rump, although not large, was rounder and a more inviting target than the maids and she stood feet wide apart exposing her sex invitingly.

Amelia looked at the crop and the cane and remembered the biting pain of both. ‘Do you have a strop in the house?’ She asked.

‘We do,’ said Emily from her prone position.

Fetch it girl,’ Amelia barked surprising herself at the tone of her voice.

The girl immediately scuttled away.

The pause gave Amelia time to think about what was happening to her. The acts of congress she had experienced with her late husband had been pleasurable enough to repeat with her lovers, but they had always seemed to give most pleasure to the males.

The addition of punishment, of the act of submission, of the pain itself seemed to raise the act of sexual congress to a higher level. Emily had suggested that she desired her husband’s cock within her and that this act was merely a pleasurable diversion, like walking up an unknown path on a summer’s day. Amelia smiled to herself.

The maid returned with a leather strop and stood with it laid across her upturned palms.

Amelia left her standing there as she ran her fingers over the soft, unblemished skin of Emily’s buttocks and let them drop into the soft fold of the peach. They continued down as they had done with the maid until they found the soft outer lips that parted almost before she touched them. Emily’s sex felt almost liquid with desire and she gasped at the touch.

Amelia lifted the strop from the maid’s hands. She deliberately neglected to tell her to return to her corner.

Let her watch she thought as the black leather curved through the air and folded itself around Emily’s buttocks. A wave of flesh spread from the point of contact and Emily gasped. Amelia repeated the strokes, each time targeting an unmarked area of flesh until Emily’s peach began to ripen into a rich red.

Amelia felt her hysteria rising as she wielded the strop. She watched as Emily’s fingers moved between her own legs parting her lips. In response, she intensified the strikes but Emily’s fingers moved with increasing agitation.

Suddenly her back arched, her behind thrust towards the oncoming strop and her whole body seemed to freeze into an erotic bronze statue. She gave a strangled cry and collapsed forward onto the couch.

For a moment Amelia wondered if she had overdone the instruction and injured her but she stirred and turned smiling to her.

Without a word, she pulled Amelia towards the sofa. Where they about to reverse roles, Amelia wondered.

She felt the air cooling her sex as it attempted to evaporate the moisture coating it. Emily guided her into a sitting position and, kneeling in front of her gently spread her legs.

It was a position that Amelia had only assumed in front of her late husband and one of her lovers and even then, her nightgown had shrouded her. She felt breath on her sex which instead of cooling it seemed to further inflame her passion.

Then something soft and moist parted her lips and circled the sensitive bud at the apex.

She glanced down to see Emily’s face pressed between her legs.

She had generated excitement before with her fingers but this was so intense her body arched her legs folded up and back and she felt the rough material of the sofa under one sole and the satin texture of the skin of Emily’s back under the other.

Then she moved folding both legs across Emily’s back behind her head almost as if trying to force her deep inside as she felt the increasing pressure. Then the world seemed to blur and then vanish. She felt as though she was at the centre of an electric storm with thunder and lightning not only all around her but deep inside her consciousness. She heard a voice crying out and realised it was hers.

The waves of emotion that washed over her began to recede and she relaxed into the sofa but Emily, like a musician that had found her thaumaturgy, extended her tongue deep inside Amelia and as their lips melded brought her to a second punishing climax.

Finally, Amelia felt the contact part. She remained with her legs spread wide, her feet resting on the material of the sofa’s seat. She had never felt such abandonment. For the first time she found that she did not care that her most intimate parts were displayed to another human being. It was almost as if she was bearing her soul and deep in her mind she craved more.

Emily smiled. ‘It is only right that a pupil should thank her teacher in the most appropriate of ways.’ She leant and kissed Amelia’s vulva sending another shiver through her.


The Bookshop is now available on Smashwords

A wild and adventurous ride!

There was a healthy amount of thriller, humor, and adventure to keep you on your toes throughoutThe Bookshop was beyond enjoyable with beautiful writing and Simone did an amazing job with the concept too

When you read this book, you get a real feel for the time period with the description of clothing, lanterns, transportation options, etc. The author also did a great job discussing how domestic discipline might have been treated back in this time period, and the sex scenes were quite steamy. If you like a bit of history with your erotica, this book is for you. I would highly recommend.

The Bookshop

Being a bisexual woman in Edwardian London is not easy. Especially when you enemies… and your friends are masters of BDSM

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