Riding Natasha

Natasha is whipped and fucked in this short story.

“Are you going to ride me?” Natasha asks as she assumes the position.

Kneeling, elbows braced on the ancient sofa in my office, jodhpurs pulled down her thighs to expose the tantalising sight of her round fleshy buttocks honed by years of pounding in the saddle. She pushes her knees apart, forcing the tight material of the jodhpurs to bite into her thighs and give me a glimpse of the delights nestling between her legs.

“I may well,” I said, picking up her riding crop. “But first some training”.

Natasha is a spirited girl. She loves nothing more than a good trashing, whether that is across the moors on the back of a horse or across my sofa.

I must admit I am at a loss how to punish her for her insolence. The crop merely makes her wriggle her behind like a mare in heat and push the swollen, silvered, gash of her sex out, willing me to thrust into her.

It has taken a year of intense training to reign her in so now she only mates with the stallions I allow her to and not every passing donkey that took her fancy.

The crop cracks down on her behind and she rears up. We are off at a gallop that will take us nowhere and everywhere.

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