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Lazy Susan

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Office discipline and spanking story. An extended preview.

The blindfold was lifted and the table Susan was kneeling on started to rotate slowly. She watched as four hard cocks and two pussies floated past her.

Her knees were apart strapped to one edge of the table so that her shins and feet overhung into space. Her wrists were tightly tied down on the opposite edge. The position was obviously meant to leave all her holes accessible to the assembled party.

She tried to lift her head to look up and see their faces but a collar around her neck was secured to a rod that was attached to the tabletop. This prevented her from moving her head more than an inch or so.

The scene was illuminated by a light above her so the guests faded into darkness at about waist level. It seemed she was not going to know which of her workmates had fucked her.

What she could see was that each person held something in their right hand apart from one. There were two riding crops, a cane, two leather tawse and the sixth held a vicious looking, needle-thin whip, but in her left hand. That had to be her boss, Kate.

The table stopped so that Susan was facing her, her eyes level with the neatly trimmed bush of Kate’s pussy.

“You have agreed your conduct warrants this discipline,” Kate said.

“I have Ma’am,” Susan tried to look up.

“You are lazy, you are frequently late, you have failed to complete tasks and left them for your colleagues to sort out, you have been disruptive and a complete pain in the arse. That will now be repaid.”

Susan winced as if she had already been spanked. Did she really have to list everything, she thought?

“You have a safe word.”

Susan nodded as much as the collar would allow.

Kate stepped forward and grabbed Susan’s hair, pulling her head up so the collar bit into the back of her neck. “The correct response is, yes Ma’am,” she growled.

“Yes Ma’am,” Susan said, her face so close to Kate’s pussy that the dark hairs almost tickled her nose.

“You may use it at any time and we will return to a more conventional form of discipline. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Susan said. She was about to get whipped and fucked by six people and could already feel a trickle of anticipation slipping down her inner thigh. There was no way she was going to exchange this for a dreary office hearing.

“We will begin,” Kate said.

Susan squealed, someone had cracked a tawse across her behind sending stinging sensations through her and at the same time the table began to turn slowly. The tawse slapped her again before it was replaced by something more rigid that bit into her flesh, making her gasp.

Excitement began to fire through her as what she assumed was a riding crop snapped at her again. Her breasts swung beneath her as each strike caused her body to jolt and she could feel her nipples aching as they swelled.

Then there was the flat whack of a tawse. This instructor managed three hard strokes, one of which caught a line from the previous crop and she squealed again. Her behind began to burn and she wriggled her hips as she felt the familiar throbbing of excitement between her legs. Then something stung her like a line of bees.

Susan howled, she tried to flatten her body against the table but the neck restraint meant she could barely move. It was all pointless as Kate’s thin whip was long and easily reached the tense cheeks of her behind.

“Ow, Oh fuck,” she yelled as a second and third strike landed sending lightning strikes shooting through her body. The fucking table must have stopped, she thought. She looked down at the floor through tear-filled eyes. No, she was still moving but slowly.

Kate’s whip bit her two more times before there was a crack. Now it was the cane’s turn. It stung her behind catching some of the lines of pain the whip had left and lighting a fire deep inside her. Her body shuddered as she floated on the edge of coming as a crop took over.

The table continued to rotate and she felt tawse, crop and then tawse again. She gasped as each stroke landed, her body fizzed with arousal and she silently pleaded for a touch to her pussy, her nipples, anywhere that would release her orgasm.

Through the mist in her mind she realised Kate’s whip was next and held her breath. When the first strike landed she gasped and lurched forward. The man opposite Kate had moved closer to the table and his cock slid into Susan’s mouth.

Title photo for spanking and BDSM sex story Lazy Susan

Susan is spanked, whipped and fucked by six of her office colleagues

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