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Carnival Day

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Public sex short story by Simone Francis

“What here, in public, with all these people around? I dare you.”

Lance lazed back on the bed, sounds of the seaside town’s carnival echoed up from the seafront three floors below but he was more captivated by the vision on the balcony. Joanne was leaning forward to get a better view, the sunlight showing the silhouette of her round bottom and long legs as it shone through her ankle length summer dress.

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He felt his cock stir as she leant over a little further, the flimsy material clinging to the firm cheeks of her behind like a second skin to reveal that, as usual, she was not wearing any underwear.

Sliding off the bed, he walked casually out onto the balcony to stand behind Joanna. The procession was in full swing with brightly coloured floats and local marching bands parading in the summer sunshine. He looked to the left and right, he could see other couples out on balconies on both sides, all intent on the carnival. He put his hands on Joanne’s bottom and felt her smooth curves through the thin dress.

Joanne did not turn around but giggled and wriggled her bum back into the growing hardness in his crotch. He leant forward and kissed her neck through her dark hair.

“I want you” he whispered in her ear.

“What here?” Joanne wriggled her behind again “With all these people around, someone’s bound to notice.”

“No, they won’t. Look, they’re all watching the carnival, besides this dress is going to hide a lot”

She looked over her shoulder and her dark eyes flashed as her mouth formed a wicked smile. “I dare you.”

He inched up the back of her dress, the wispy material flowing off each side of his wrist and slid his fingers into the soft warmth between her thighs. Joanne sighed and moved her legs further apart in encouragement.

“You just carry on watching,” Lance said, grinning as he curled one finger and then another inside her.

Gently he let his fingers slid out of her and over the velvet softness of her swollen lips until they found the hardening bud of her clit. Joanne pushed her hips back rhythmically as if trying to increase the pressure. She began to suck in the warm seaside air in short gasps. Lance slipped his fingers out of her.

“God — don’t stop,” Joanne hissed and shoved her rump hard against his erection.

In response, he unzipped his flies and his thick shaft sprang up between Joanne’s legs. His cock slid effortlessly between her lips and deep inside her. He stood still enjoying the sensation of her muscles warmly enveloping him. Carefully he arranged the folds of her dress so that the other spectators could not see what they were up to.

He could feel her pussy pulsing, rhythmically gripping his flesh but he stood still, teasing her.

“Oh, fuck,” Joanna moaned.

Joanne was not content just to be impaled and began to rock gently back and forth. Lance could feel her soft pussy sliding along the length of his erection.

With each languid stroke, their bodies met and he could feel the soft flesh of her bottom pressing against his stomach and thighs through the thin material of her dress as she took his cock deep inside her.

Joanna let out a squeal of excitement, unfortunately, at the same moment the hubbub below momentarily quietened, and the couple on the next balcony glanced towards them.

Lance grinned and waved, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. “Good show” he yelled over the noise of the band below starting up again.

The man on the other balcony grinned “And getting better all the time” he yelled back

Joanne was becoming oblivious to all around her. Lance felt her shoving her butt against him with increasing force as the full length of his cock slid in and out of her. He could feel her muscles gripping his shaft with an increasing rhythm and knew from experience that she was climbing to the peak of her orgasm.

As discreetly as he could he shoved his cock deep inside her, hoping that Joanna’s response would not be quite as noisy as she was in the privacy of their hotel room.

Her wet pussy sucked at his cock and he could hold on no longer. Oblivious to the sounds of the crowd below he grabbed at her hips, hauling her back against him and felt his cum spurt into her.

Joanne responded by bucking and moaning as she lost all control. Her pussy muscles gripped Lance’s cock as if to squeeze every last drop from it.

Lance pushed his final thrusts into Joanne and could not resist a surreptitious glance at the couple on the next balcony. He was not entirely surprised to see them now in a similar position to himself and Joanne. The woman’s knuckles were white as she gripped the balcony rail and the man’s hips pumped behind her.

The carnival processors below were no doubt encouraged by some of the enthusiastic whoops and yells that came from the balconies above them to mingle with the cheers of the crowd below. They may have been less heartened to know that it was not entirely their efforts that were generating them.

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