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Making Movies – Part 2

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Two naughty mature women decide to have a little fun – and end up having a lot, in this very raunchy short story.

Read Part 1 Diana and Caroline decide to make a porno movie.

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A week later Diana and Caroline were sat on the sofa wearing brightly patterned, short, summer dresses and nothing else as, despite the air conditioning, the room felt hot and steamy. Behind them the red light on Caroline’s digital camera blinked indicating that it was recording and in front of them stood a young man in his late twenties who had announced himself as George.

He was wearing a pair of white shorts and a white shirt that hung open to reveal a muscular, tanned, torso.  Caroline was in full flow. ‘So you want to be in a porno movie with two,’ she paused, ‘more experienced ladies?’

‘Yes Ma’am,’ said George cheerily.

Diana winced; it wasn’t so much his American accent as being called Ma’am. It sounded so old, and she was beginning to think this wasn’t such a great idea.  

‘Well, we’ll need to see your equipment,’ Caroline grinned at Diana; clearly enjoying herself.

George obediently shrugged off his shirt and unzipped his shorts. Both Diana and Caroline lent forward as he slipped them to the floor.

‘Oh boy,’ said Caroline, ‘that’s . . .’

‘Magnificent,’ Diana said.

Caroline stood up and moved towards George. ‘I suppose we ought to do a screen test.’ She ran the tips of her fingers along the length of George’s semi erect penis causing it to jerk and swell even further. ‘Make sure we get this on film.’ she said as she dropped to her knees.

‘But I don’t know how to use the camera.’

‘Just unclip it from the tripod and point it and press the red button. Everything else is automatic.’ Caroline slipped her lips over the head of George’s erection.

George thrust his hips forward in an effort to push deeper into her mouth. Caroline placed her palms on his hips and pushed him back. ‘Gently,’ she said, ‘this is just a little foreplay to make sure . . .’ she slid his cock into her mouth and then out again, ‘that it’s good and hard.’ She gasped for air. ‘Besides if you shove that thing down my throat it could come out the other end.’

Diana watched on the camera screen and thought to herself that if it got any bigger and harder he’d be able to play rounders with it. Caroline pulled her head back and licked slowly around the head as if she were savouring an ice cream; George swayed back and forth on his heels clearly enjoying the experience. Caroline stood up and led George by his cock to the sofa. ‘Sit,’ she ordered as she slipped off her dress.

George sat, legs apart, his erection sticking up like a lighthouse. Caroline sat astride him and reached behind the sofa and brought out a box of condoms. She turned and smirked at Diana. ‘Good job I got some XX Large.’

She expertly slipped the condom on and then lowered herself onto just the tip of Georges phallus. Diana focused the camera on the action and watched as Caroline flexed her hips; sliding herself back and forth on the swollen head; she was already making little sounds of pleasure. George grabbed her cheeks in an effort to push her down on him, but Caroline slapped his hands away. ‘Naughty,’ she said, ‘You wait.’

‘Yeees Ma’am,’ George groaned.

Diana sniggered.

Caroline’s response was to drop slowly down George’s shaft. ‘Aah,’ she moaned as if George’s penis had forced all the air in her lungs out of her mouth. She rode him slowly at first, bouncing up and down as if on a trotting horse, wiggling her hips for maximum enjoyment and making little ‘ooo’ sounds each time she was impaled. George responded by thrusting upwards each time Caroline slid down and her ‘ooo’s’ got closer together and merged with George’s grunts until they sounded to Diana like a kettle about to boil.        

She could smell Caroline’s musky scent and George’s excitement. The whole room seemed suddenly to stink of sex and desire and Diana felt herself tingling as she watched them slam together in a last few manic thrusts. She could hear Caroline’s sex sucking at George as he lifted his behind and Caroline clear of the sofa, the muscles in his legs standing out as if sculpted from marble. They both seemed to hang in the air in a frozen tableau of ecstasy before they flopped back down onto the sofa groaning with relief.

Caroline pushed herself up. ‘Pretty good start,’ she panted ‘although you’re going to have to last a bit longer than that if you want to be a porno star.’ She slid off George’s rapidly shrinking penis.

‘Yes Ma’am,’ he said, ‘but I’ll be ready to go again in a short time.’

‘Well, if that’s the case,’ Caroline looked impressed, ‘you’re hired. We’ll arrange a shoot next week.’

George grinned and slipped on his shorts and Caroline bustled him out.

‘Why’d you let him go?’ Diana grumbled ‘I’m horny as hell now.’

‘I know,’ Caroline laughed, ‘so am I. One orgasm really isn’t enough.’

Diana glared at her ‘So?’

‘We’ve got four more to see.’

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