Two sexy mature women decide to have some fun making movies

Making Movies – Part 4

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Two mature women decide to have a little fun – and end up having a lot, in this very sexy story

Read from the beginning. Part 1 Diana and Caroline decide to have some fun.

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“I’d forgotten penises came in so many shapes and sizes,” Diana said. “You tend to get used to one when you’re married to one man for a long time.”

“Speak for yourself,” Caroline said.

They were sat on the sofa the day after the castings and Caroline had a script in her hand.

“So, I bet that says, ‘Caroline gets fucked by Matt, Caroline gets fucked by George’” Diana joked.

“No, actually it says Diana gets fucked by Caroline and vice versa. Matt is going to film that and then George appears as a gas man or window cleaner or something, I’m not sure what, and we pull his clothes off and he joins in and then Matt turns up looking for George and, well, you get the picture.”

“Sounds a bit short on plot.”

Caroline looked at her over the top of her reading glasses and raised her eyebrows. “It’s a porno movie, not Twelfth Night.”

Diana laughed.

Caroline studied the script “I think this may take a couple of days to shoot; I hope you can stand two days of shagging.”

“If you add ‘at my age’ you’ll be in serious trouble; you’re not too old for a good spanking.”
Caroline looked up and fluttered her eyelashes “Now there’s an idea.”

“Please don’t put that in the script,” Diana groaned.

Diana lay back and closed her eyes as Caroline’s tongue circled her nipples and her fingers worked inside her already wet sex. ‘Hmm.’ Diana ran her fingers down Caroline’s spine enjoying the feel of naked skin as Caroline probed deeper. There was a knock at the door.

“Fuck, who can that be?” Caroline got up and wrapped a flimsy robe around her.

Diana tried not to snigger at the sight of her going to the door followed by Matt with the camera and an enormous erection. Caroline had been getting a little tetchy throughout the morning when little things had gone wrong.

She opened the door.

“Howdy Ma’am,” George said, “I’ve come to fix the … what have I come to fix?”

Diana giggled.

“Oh shit, cut,” Caroline said. “The plumbing, the cooker, anything you fucking well like.” She shoved George back out the door. “Now try again.”

She closed the door, paused and re-opened it.

“Howdy Ma’am I’ve come to fix the plumbing.”

“Come in,” Caroline said with an expansive gesture that made her robe fall open.

George stepped self-consciously into the room and set the toolbox down on the floor.

“Do you think you’d be able to fix this?” Diana said crossing the room and holding the dildo under George’s nose. She hadn’t bothered to put a robe on.

“D-don’t know Ma’am,” George stammered.

“Or perhaps he’s got something we can use instead,” Caroline said rubbing her hand on the bulge in the front of his overalls.

“Let’s see,” Diana unbuttoned the overalls. “Oh, I think this will do,” she said kneeling in front of him and taking the head of his cock in her mouth.

George moaned.

Remembering what happened last time, she only gave him a few strokes before getting up and leading him over to the sofa.

“Now where were we?” she asked. “Oh yes. I was laid back like this,” Diana reclined languorously on the sofa in a film star pose with her legs apart, “Caroline was playing with my breasts and was just about to slip the dildo into me.” She looked at George who seemed transfixed.

“She was about to put the big cock in me,” she said pointedly.

George suddenly seemed to remember that he was the big cock in question, and he obligingly knelt down.

“You’re a plumber so you should know about keeping pipes lagged.” Caroline slipped a condom onto him.

“Uhh,” Diana gasped as he slid the tip into her. Caroline grabbed her hair and kissed her feverishly. George slid further in and Diana came up for air,

“Jesus.” she inhaled moving her legs further apart so that George could slide fully into her. Slowly he began to pump.

Diana groaned and grabbed at Caroline half dragging her on top of her the fingers of one hand entwined in her hair forcing their mouths together the other clawing at the cheek of Caroline’s behind. Caroline squirmed over so she was astride Diana with her behind towards George who inconsiderately, in Diana’s opinion, slid out of her and into Caroline.

Diana could feel him moving inside her friend as their stomachs pressed together. She kissed Caroline hard and then George slid back into her. He seemed to have got the idea now as he pushed into one and then the other slowly inching each woman closer to orgasm. Just as they thought they would crest the wave he would slide into the other.

The empty one would writhe against the recipient desperately seeking fulfilment until they felt teased to the point of desperation. Then he would slide deliciously back in. It was like pushing two boulders up a hill where if he neglected one it would start to slide back down but George divided his attention between the two expertly.

It was Diana who reached the summit first sucking at Caroline’s mouth and digging her fingernails into her buttocks as she writhed against her and George’s cock. George’s timing was perfect, he slipped neatly out of Diana and smoothly into Caroline who immediately began to buck against him as she came. Then he was back inside Diana pushing her to another peak as she rolled down the other side, then Caroline again and back to Diana. Finally, George could keep going no longer and shuddered to a climax with his cock trapped between the two writhing bodies.

There was a long silence. George flopped exhausted onto the end of the sofa and Diana and Caroline lay entwined in a warm embrace.

Eventually, Diana opened her eyes. “I think we may have a problem.”

“What?” Caroline propped herself up and looked down at Diana.

“We seem to have forgotten the second part of the script. Have you seen our cameraman’s erection,” Diana grinned, “we can’t leave the poor man in that state.”

“Ooo,” was Caroline’s only response.

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