Two mature women decide to make a porno movie in this sexy short story

Making Movies – Part 1

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Two mature women decide to have a little fun – and end up having a lot, in this very naughty four part short story

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Diana gazed out of the window of her penthouse flat. The agent’s blurb had eulogised the sea views from the living room, but it was the view from the kitchen window that she found most stimulating. In the sunshine, four floors below, a group of young men were lounging around the pool, light glistening off their muscular bodies and conspicuous bulges in the front of their trunks. Occasionally one of them would dive into the pool to cool off and, as he emerged the wet material would cling to his body leaving very little to her imagination.

‘What I wouldn’t give to feel one of those again,’ she said.

Caroline stood on tiptoes and peered out of the window.


‘Easy. How?’ Diana frowned.

‘Money,’ Caroline pulled a face. ‘You’re loaded. Just offer them money.’

Diana sighed. ‘That just wouldn’t . . . well it wouldn’t feel right.’ She looked at Caroline. ‘I’m not looking for undying love. I just . . . I just want to be fucked for fun. I just want some nice young man to fancy me, even if I do have to do a Mrs Robinson on him.’ She laughed.

‘Offer him two in a bed,’ Caroline said.

‘What!’ Diana spluttered.

‘Why not? We have fun together, so why not combine it with a nice hard cock as a bonus? No man can resist two hot women in a bed.’

‘You call this hot?’ Diana opened her arms and let her robe fall open to reveal her body clad only in skimpy bikini pants.

‘Not bad for sixty-two.’ Caroline moved closer and pushed the robe further apart. ‘Nice tits,’ she said running her fingers over the soft mounds and gently tweaking the nipples. ‘Still quite perky. It’s not as if they’re flopping down around your waist.’

‘You haven’t seen me on my back,’ Diana laughed.

Caroline raised an eyebrow.

‘OK so you have but. . .’

Caroline let her hand travel down over Diana’s flat stomach until her fingertips rested just inside the elastic of the bikini. Caroline’s perfume wafted over her reminding her of Jasmine. She closed her eyes.

‘And I know this is still in working order.’ Caroline whispered as she nibbled at Diana’s ear, her hand slipping further inside the bikini pants, her fingers circling lazily.

Diana’s eyes snapped open. ‘And what about the wrinkles?’

‘You’re a hell of a lot hotter than you think,’ Caroline said. ‘Definitely a MILF.’ Her fingers pushed between the folds of Diana’s lips and brushed against her clit. Diana felt her legs weaken and her eyes began to close again.

‘What on earth’s a MILF? She managed to say.

‘Oh good grief.’ Caroline stepped back and opened her robe like a flasher. ‘This is.’

She was shorter than Diana, with more curves. The big breasts of her Rubenesque figure had lost some of their youthful bounce but her body was still toned. There was a roundness to her stomach but no overhang and, despite two kids and two ex-husbands, major wrinkles. Diana knew she looked spectacular in a low-cut dress and could still attract admiring looks in a bikini. Her mons was shaven displaying the eagerly swelling lips between her thighs and her whole body looked smooth and inviting.

She was six years younger than Diana and they had been friends since Diana’s husband and Caroline’s first husband had worked together. If it had occurred to either of their partners that their wife was having an affair whilst they were away on business trips, they would have been right, but they would have never caught them with another man.

Caroline had said at the time it was the perfect solution, it kept to horny young women satisfied whilst their husbands were away, and it wasn’t really being unfaithful. Now, after Diana’s husband died and Caroline’s second ran off with “the tart from the office” as she was known, they were neighbours and holidayed together in Diana’s flat in Minorca. Both of which made the same arrangement very practical.

Caroline also kept herself in shape by pumping exercise machines in the gym and any man she fancied outside, and sometimes inside, it.  Diana had always admired Caroline’s casual attitude to the physical act of sex. Listening to her tales she wished that she could lose her conservative, upper class, English, upbringing and misbehave; most of the men she met seemed to want a nanny or a nurse rather than an all-night fuck.  

Caroline wriggled her hips provocatively. ‘MILF. Mother I’d Like to Fuck.’

Diana looked puzzled.

‘Oh good grief.’ Caroline grabbed Diana’s hand and dragged her into the living room. ‘There’s a whole world of shopping and porn out there called the internet. You’ve heard of the internet?’ She asked as she sat on the sofa.  

Caroline opened Diana’s laptop on the coffee table. Her breasts swelled forward through the still open robe as she leant over the computer and typed something on the keyboard. She clicked a couple of times and swung the screen round slightly so that Diana could see it.

The video showed two young and quite well-endowed men on either side of a middle-aged woman on her knees.

‘That’s called spit roasting,’ said Caroline leaning back on the sofa. Diana noticed that her hand had slipped between her open legs.

‘It’s a bit rough,’ said Diana as she watched a close up of one of the men stuffing his cock as deep into the woman’s mouth as it would go. The camera angle switched to a close up of the second man’s cock ploughing into the woman from behind. ‘Is he?’

Caroline fingers were moving between her legs. ‘Hmm, yes.’

‘What if I wanted something a bit more . . .’ Diana paused, ‘. . .  sensual?’

The men in the video had now removed their cocks from the woman and were masturbating furiously in an effort to come over her face. Caroline had slid down the sofa so that she was snuggled up to Diana; her fingers working furiously between her legs until her body tensed and she groaned contentedly.

Diana looked down at Caroline. ‘Happy now?’

‘It’s a start,’ she said dreamily. ‘We could always make our own porno movie.’


Caroline wriggled back up into a sitting position. ‘Why not, then we can do exactly what turns us on.’

‘But what about the camera, lights . . .  actors?’

‘I’ve got a half decent video camera and a tripod.’

Diana didn’t ask what she’d used it to video.

‘Our actors are all over this island, maybe even around the pool at the moment; I bet we can get a few volunteers from that lot. If not, we’ll advertise on the internet.’ She looked around the spacious living room. ‘There’s plenty of light in here. This will make a great location.’ She looked at Diana. ‘Let’s have some fun.’

Diana sat back in the sofa and studied Caroline ‘Well . . .’ There was a long pause. ‘Oh fuck it let’s do it.’ She sat up ‘But what if they’re?’ She held up her thumb and forefinger a couple of inches apart.

Caroline laughed. ‘We’d better do a casting.’


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