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Sexy Faeries Spirits & Ghosts

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Following in from my post Sexy Demons Incubi and Succubae another group of naughty and often horny supernaturals are sexy faeries spirits and ghosts.

Tending to be more mischievous and less malevolent than demons, spirits and faeries are ideal subjects for the writer of erotica, although researching tales and fables will reveal that they can also reek a certain amount of mayhem.

I have included ghosts in this post as the entities I write about may or may not fall into this category. I love to leave the reader with the question was that character just fucked by a real person, a ghost or a supernatural being?

I love the idea of the living interacting with the transcendent and since what I write here is erotica a lot of that interaction is going to involve sex. When your characters are not bound by the constraints of the physical world it gives the writer freedom to let their mind wander into a myriad of, ‘what ifs’.

I have included ghosts in this article because it is often difficult to distinguish between what is a spirit, a faerie or a ghost. In Release Me, is Celia submitting to a ghost, a spirit, a real person or is her lover just in her imagination?

Release Me Erotic Ghost Story Photo Illustration

In The Girl in the Green Dress is he lured into the woods by a real girl or a spirit?

Sexy fairy tale

We all see or experience events in life that, initially, appear as unexplained. There is usually a rational explanation but, by the time you or I have worked this out our imaginations are running riot; I am not going to let the rational explanation get in the way of a good story and some arousing sex.

For example: I once felt myself falling into a painting – the rational explanation was that the guide had just told us that people were rumoured to see a ghost in the painting. I am not going to let the rational explanation get in the way of a good story and some arousing sex and my experience inspired The Bride Was A Picture (enter you free subscriber password to read).

Photo of bride in see through dress illustrating erotic paranormal short fiction story

My latest serial Painted Stripes (for paid subscribers on my Substack) also features a magical painting, although this one owes more to Oscar Wilde’s A Picture of Dorian Gray than personal experience.

Photo of a nude woman looking at a fetish portrait of herself

Repeating what I said in Sexy Demons Incubi and Succubae, ‘some might argue that sex is about procreation so why would preternatural beings indulge in it? Who is to say that is not possible? Human sex is often about the power dynamic, especially when domination and submission are involved. Why would not preternatural beings use it as a way to exercise their power?’

Sex is also fun, that is one of the reasons we continue to do it in later years after the chances of reproducing our genes have faded. I like my ghosts and spirits to have characters and motivations – why shouldn’t they lust after a bit of fun?

My book, The Iron Tongue of Midnight, looks at faeries from another angle. What if they do exist, but they are beings from another dimension?

Adult erotic fairy tale by Simone Francis book cover

Rebecca Mason is a successful business woman, queen of her empire. When hiding aways in a remote cottage she finds herself having strange, erotic dreams. When she follows an ethereal woman into a wood near the cottage she finds what is a dream and what is reality blurring as she slips between worlds, times and lovers.

If you are wondering where the title came from it’s part of a quote from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve
Lovers to bed; ‘tis almost fairy time

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – William Shakespeare

I love the chaos of this play generated by the interaction between earthly and ethereal characters. The use of love spells and the blurring of the boundaries between reality and dreams all inspired my story.

Photo of a ghostly figure seducing a naked woman

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