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Room Service

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I love writing humorous stories about mature women exploring their sexuality so here’s a bit of fun in the Spanish sun.

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Cathy looked up from her book aware that somebody was standing next to the sun lounger blocking out the sunlight. It had taken her two days to pluck up the courage to pour herself into a not-too-revealing one-piece swimsuit and find a place at the resort’s poolside.

At first, she had felt like a beached whale but slowly she had realised that at forty-one she was younger and definitely slimmer than many of the other guests.

There was the usual gaggle of airheaded twenty-somethings that giggled around the bar flaunting their obscenely flat stomachs and skinny bodies in painted on bikinis but she had learnt not to look at them.

If she felt herself losing confidence she just looked at the Germans or in a crisis the Americans and if it was a really bad day Mrs Steinbrook.

Mrs Steinbrook was a loud, friendly and very large American. Cathy always watched with some admiration as she waddled unselfconsciously along the poolside with various bulges and overhangs that were barely contained by her low-cut swimsuit.

Mrs Steinbrook didn’t have a cleavage; she had a frontage and currently, she was overflowing the adjacent lounger where she had flopped down earlier with her customary “Hi Cathy”.

Thanks to her when Cathy looked in the mirror she saw an attractive, tanned, buxom, blonde and not the frumpy deserted wife of a year ago.

Cathy had decided she liked the word buxom it had overtones of debauchery and sexy wenches and OK, her stomach was not as flat as it used to be, but you couldn’t have everything.

Cathy looked up, shielding her eyes from the sun into the face of an Adonis wearing a white shirt, ridiculously tight trousers that seemed to have several pairs of socks stuffed down the front and carrying a tray.

“You like a drink?” The waiter asked.

Cathy’s immediate thought was how sexy the Spanish accent could sound. “Er … no … no thanks, not just now”.

The waiter smiled and hovered above her for a moment.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Julio, Senora. Anything you want you just ask for Julio.”

“Do you do room service?” Cathy giggled and brought her hand up to cover her mouth. “Oh, I’m sorry that just sort of slipped out.”

Julio leant forward “Of course,” he said, “But there is extra charge for the service.”

Cathy looked around her, Mrs Steinbrook appeared to be dozing on the next lounger and no one else seemed to be taking the slightest interest in their conversation.

She wasn’t quite sure what Julio had just said or meant but it felt like she was at the top of a rollercoaster about to plunge unstoppably down the exciting drop.

“Room 104 in half an hour,” she said.

“Si Senora,” he grinned, turned smartly away, and headed back to the bar.

Cathy sat with the open book on her lap as she watched Julio’s behind wriggle away from her in the tight trousers. Did I just arrange what I think I arranged, she thought?

To hell with it, she was finally divorced and she’d come on this holiday to enjoy herself and if that included making a fool of herself with a Spanish waiter. She gathered up her things and made her way as nonchalantly along the poolside as her trembling legs would let her.

Cathy wrapped a towel around her as she came out of the bathroom and there was a knock at the door. She hesitated, took a deep breath and opened it. Julio stood in the corridor, a tray with one Margarita on it balanced on the outstretched fingers of his right hand.

“Room service,” he said as he swept into the room.

That really is some arse Cathy thought as he bent to put the tray on the table.

“You did not say what drink you wanted. So, I brought you this,” He handed Cathy the Margarita.
She took a big slug. “And how much is the service charge?”

“One hundred and twenty Euros.”

“One hundred and twenty Euros?” Cathy squeaked. It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford it; it was just that Julio’s quick reply and matter-of-fact tone had taken her by surprise.

Julio looked offended. “OK, OK,” he said “You are pretty lady. I do it for seventy Euros. We have deal?”

Cathy took another gulp of the drink and smiled. It was the first time in the past half an hour that she was sure they were talking about the same thing. “We have deal.”

She took the money out of her bag and laid it on the table.

Julio took off his shirt. Cathy was impressed; he obviously worked out and his muscular torso reminded her fleetingly of her ex twenty years ago. She smiled to herself as she thought of his now flabby body against his new, twenty-eight-year-old love. That’ll teach her to husband steal she thought. Julio moved closer and Cathy ran her fingertips over his taught muscles.

“And I get to play with all of this,” she said.

“Si,” Julio unhooked the bath towel and let it slip to the floor as he kissed her.

Cathy came up for air. Wow, he can kiss she thought.

Julio guided her gently onto the bed and she lay back and watched as he stood and unzipped and slowly pushed down his trousers, taking his time, making a performance of it.

“Fuck me it’s not socks,” Cathy exclaimed.

“Socks?” Julio looked confused.

“No … nothing,” Cathy laughed.

She leaned forward and stroked his magnificent cock. “Are all men in Spain like this?”

“No … some are bigger,” Julio laughed and then he pushed her back on the bed with a kiss.

Slowly his lips and tongue worked their way down her neck and across her breasts.

“Hmm.” Cathy purred as his tongue circled but never quite touched her nipples and lingered on the sensitive skin under her breasts until her nipples were swollen with painful anticipation. She looked down. It was a long time since she had seen them stand up that much. They seemed to stretch out, hunting for Julio’s mouth. Finally, he pounced taking each in turn into his mouth, sucking hard on it and then flicking it with his tongue.

“Aagh,” Cathy moaned as her body arched. She was close to orgasm and they’d barely started.

Julio worked his way down her stomach and Cathy winced inside as she thought of her belly but Julio’s face had melted between her legs and she looked down at his thick, black, hair.

“Oh, Jesus … fuck,” she exclaimed as his tongue parted her lips, flicked inside her and worked its way sensually around the opening. God, he really can kiss she thought. And then he took all of her sex in his mouth and his tongue found the sweet spot.

“God … aagh … shit … fuck,” she heard herself say as her body arched and she clawed at the sheets, grabbed at Julio’s hair, writhed, bucked, grabbed her nipples, the sheets again and then two fingers pushed into her and she simply exploded.

She hung in mid-air perched on her toes and elbows, her whole body in spasm as she enjoyed the sensation and then dropped back limply onto the bed as Julio’s fingers slid out of her. He knelt looking down at her, his cock standing expectantly to attention like delicious salami.

“Good?” He said.

“Umm,” was all that Cathy could come out with.

“Now we fuck,”

‘Oh Jeez … yes … wait. Err condom?” Cathy stammered; her brain was still trying to work coherently. “In my bag,” she said as she silently thanked her friend Sally for stuffing the box in her suitcase as she told her, ‘If you’re really going to have fun you’ll need these’.

Cathy looked at Julio. Oh God, she thought they’ll never fit on that.

“Don’t worry I have,” Julio seemed to produce the packet out of nowhere. “Grande,” he announced proudly as if he’d read her mind.

Cathy struggled to roll over but her legs felt like jelly. Eventually, she got herself on her knees with her face down in the bed.

“You want me to stick it in your arse?” Julio asked.

“You are not sticking that fucking great thing anywhere near my arse,” Cathy laughed. “Just fuck me.”

Julio moved closer and put his hands on Cathy’s cheeks. She felt the head of his cock running up and down the outside of her sex; her hips kept jerking in involuntary spasms as if trying to capture it. Just as she thought she was going to have to grab it and shove it in to stop him teasing her he slid inside her.

Her immediate thought was Sally’s words, ‘Most men with big cocks just shove it in and bang away assuming that the size is enough to please a woman – it’s men with smaller ones that take a bit more care.’

Cathy couldn’t argue as Sally’s experience of all sizes of cock was far more than hers but as she buried her face in the pillow and grabbed onto the bed head, she was sure she had found the exception to Sally’s rule.

Julio moved back and forth slowly, almost lazily at first and then in a gentle circular motion. Cathy began to moan, her knuckles turned white as she grasped the bed head and then just as she felt she was on the crest of the wave he eased off. Then he expertly brought her back to the top of the rollercoaster so that she was poised on the brink.

“Oh God fuck me … fuck me,” Cathy yelled as she tumbled down the slope completely out of control.
Just as she thought the ride was over, she was amazed to find herself rising to the next crest and then another before plunging into the abyss again. Finally, Julio banged deeply into her in a last few thrusts and she climaxed one last time before sliding limply into the pillows.

She felt Julio get off the bed and heard the toilet flush. When she rolled over, he was already pulling on his trousers.

“Good?” He grinned.

“You know it was. How did you get to be so fucking good?”

Julio shrugged his shoulders. “With you I enjoy.”

“You’re kind,” Cathy smiled. “Can I ask you something?”


“Do you fuck Mrs Stienbrook?”

“Si,” Julio pulled a face. “With her, I not enjoy but I am the only one with a cock big enough to find it. She have to pay a lot more than you.”

Cathy laughed, she laughed so much tears rolled down her cheeks. “Thank you.”

Julio paused in the doorway. “You want room service tomorrow?”

“Oh yes,” Cathy smiled, “I want room service tomorrow.”

First published in Tantalizing Tales on Medium

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