Sexy Demons Incubi and Succubae

Welcome to my supernatural erotica, the darker side of my erotic fiction. 

Ghost, demons and succubae play with humans. Their sexual powers know no limits and their appetites are ravenous.

Erotic stories have been created about the incubus, the succubus, spirits and demons since language began. They help us explain a world that we still do not fully understand.

But what if these myths and stories are not just products of the human imagination but founded on truth? What if these beings still exist, now hidden deeper in our world, lurking, ready to prey on the unsuspecting modern humans?

And what they want is sex.

In the distant past, we had respect for supernatural beings, avoided them or appeased them. My stories look at the relationship between the supernatural and the living world. In them, there are coexistences, partnerships and manipulations that see both humans and demons in the ascendant.

The demons I write about have characters, desires, lusts. As a writer of erotica, it is the lusts that feature heavily in my stories. There is a freedom when writing about the supernatural; no human social conventions or mores holding your demonic characters back. That is assuming they are evil, what if they are not and centuries of religious teaching are merely an accepted propaganda? What if demons merely live by different rules in their parallel world and their characters have shades of good and evil?

The Demon’s Lure was one of my first erotic supernatural stories. My ideas of demons then were that they are evil The incubus is never seen, his presence is malevolent, destructive, but his acolyte worships him with her body.

My Master’s cock rips into me, it splits me, pushes apart the muscles of my sex. I feel him swelling inside me. I know she is watching. She cannot see him — yet. Cannot appreciate his size, his strength, his beauty.

This started me writing more about sexy demons, incubi and succubi.

I began to think that, hidden within a demon there is some women’s ideal lover. Strong, forceful, very dangerous but well hung. In Possessed and No More Virgins (available to subscribers here) there is powerful sex but who is seducing who? There is also humour. In No More Virgins the demon is quite serious and although he seems to get exasperated with humans, it is the village women’s lusty response to him later in the story that provides the humour.

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So what next for the sexy demons, incubi and succumbi?

My next stories feature a succubus that preys on men but loves women, a demon that appears as a woman in human form but becomes male when they transform and a beautiful temptress who and the hunter who becomes her protector.

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